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Posted: Dec. 18 2007, 20:59 ET

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This review is for the Chocolate flavor.  See the separate reviews for the Vanilla and Original flavors.

The chocolate version of this is really yummy and not many more calories than the Vanilla.  That said, you can easily make chocolate out of Vanilla by adding some Walden Farms chocolate syrup, so if you've got that on hand, you might be able to skip the chocolate flavored Almond Breeze and make your own when you need it.  I usually keep at least a couple cartons of chocolate around, but I mostly use the Vanilla for my cereal.

Serving: 8 fl. oz., Calories: 45, Fat: 3.5g, Total Carbs: 3g, Dietary Fiber: 1g, [Net Carbs: 2g], Protein: 2g

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Posted: Dec. 18 2007, 22:09 ET

For those who enjoy a chocolate milk fix this is a good choice for few calories.  It even does help in the throws of a chocolate craving.  Definitely worth a try to see if it tempts your palate.

Posted: Feb. 23 2009, 23:44 ET

Is this okay to drink on Strict?