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Posted: Dec. 18 2007, 12:34 ET

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This review is for the Vanilla flavor.  See the separate reviews for the Chocolate and Original flavors.

This is a staple for me -- I drink it every day and go through several cartons a week.  I have found several places locally that I can buy it (Wild Oats, Richard's Whole Foods, Nature's Food Patch, Lo Carb Connection, etc.) but if you can't find the unsweetened in your area, you can order it online from The Low Carb Grocery using the link above.  When buying make sure you're getting the unsweetened so you can sweeten it with your sweetener of choice (I use liquid Splenda of course).

It does have a bit of an almond flavor to it but it's not out of place in cereal.  If making something where the almond flavor would be odd, a soy milk would probably be preferable.

Serving: 8 fl. oz., Calories: 40, Fat: 3g, Total Carbs: 2g, Dietary Fiber: 1g [Net Carbs: 1g], Protein: 1g

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