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Posted: Dec. 9 2007, 22:21 ET

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Although this has the same nutritionals as the approved WF products, it's not on the list, hence the "Check with Clinic" rating.

Noma's review: I like this dip a lot, even right out of the jar. It's funny because I can't stand the chocolate dip. My favourite use is to mix some into into apple chunks that have been nuked 'til soft with some cinnamon. Yum.

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Posted: Dec. 10 2007, 16:16 ET

Like most of the WF products, to me, this one isn't necessarily so great if eaten straight out of the jar, but is very good on things like apples, etc.  It is however better straight out of the jar than most of the WF products.

Posted: Dec. 20 2007, 13:39 ET

I might be the only one but I was repulsed by this product.  Maybe apples would spice it up a little b/c I could only taste the aspartame/sugar substitute and nothing else!  I really wanted to love it too!

Posted: Dec. 20 2007, 16:36 ET

I, like Danielle, do not like this at all.  To me it tastes like a chemical.  This, like the chocolate dip, went into the garbage.

Posted: Jan. 29 2008, 19:34 ET

Doesn't have as much of an aftertaste as the marshmallow dip and is good with apples, or even spread on bread/pita with some cinnamon.

Posted: Mar. 14 2009, 16:17 ET

I really enjoy this with apples.  Have not tried it with anything else and like some of the other WF products, I consider this a real treat!!