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Posted: Dec. 9 2007, 22:08 ET

Spent a lot of time looking for this and finally found it at a Loblaws (but not all Loblaws.) I really like it; it's not too hot but lots of flavour. Thumbs up!

post-53-56115-PataksTandooriCurryPaste.jpg (image/jpeg)

Posted: Dec. 10 2007, 10:23 ET

i marinated my raw chicken in the allotted amount and then in a fry pan cooked the chicken strips with red peppers...i wrapped the chicken and peppers in a lettuce leaf...the flavour was amazing!!!
definitely going to be a meal i make over again several times.

Posted: Dec. 28 2007, 16:11 ET

I found it too  spicy....and I love hot stuff !  I had a pretty small amout of chicken though, maybe I'll try again with less Pataks

Posted: Jan. 15 2008, 18:50 ET

Looooooove this!  It's a staple in my weekly diet.  I only like moderate spice and this falls right in that category.  Yummy yummy for my tummy! :)

Posted: Jan. 16 2008, 16:29 ET

this stuff is sooo good. i have it either with steamed veggies for dinner or for lunch in a salad.....

Posted: May 26 2008, 12:36 ET

I recently discovered this (thanks Bri!) and it's fantastic!  It's high on the sodium so watch out for that.  


Posted: Jan. 15 2009, 10:39 ET

Love this!  Found it really great to cook the chicken in a pan place a sheet of foil over it and put something really heavy on top (I used a baking pan with a heavy bag of rice in it)

Shortens the cooking time and keeps the chicken much juicier!!

T Minus 80
Posted: Jun. 11 2009, 15:44 ET

I have an embarrassing confession, I eat this stuff everynight for dinner.  I love it and it add so much flavour.  I add half mayo half paste with all my vegetables and it feels like I am having take out.