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Posted: Dec. 2 2007, 19:38 ET

PC Blue Menu products can be found at many stores, including: Loblaws, Dominion, Maxi, ValuMart and Zehr's.

post-53-42316-PC_bluemenuketchup.jpg (image/jpeg)

Posted: Dec. 11 2007, 20:42 ET

Hmm....not bad but not great.  Kind of lacking in oomph.  I haven't tried the Heinz Low Carb  version.  Will definitely do so and hopefully it will be tastier.

Posted: Dec. 24 2007, 02:04 ET

Tastes OK on eggs

Posted: Jan. 4 2008, 18:03 ET

I like this Ketchup. My roomates (both guys) use it, and have no idea that it is a diet product.

Posted: Jan. 17 2008, 11:42 ET

I was always fussy with ketchup...couldn't stand anything that wasn't Heinz (it was either too vinegary or watery, etc.)  This stuff is great tasting and has the same consistency.  Best of all, my kids can use it and they're not getting all that sugar.

Posted: Jul. 5 2008, 04:15 ET

I'm all about ketchup before my diet !!  This works out fine for me.. remember to kinda give it a shake before squeezing it out. This runny clear liquid seperatess from it if it has been sitting for a while