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Posted: Nov. 30 2007, 21:39 ET

I haven't tried this myself but I can't get past a fruit flavoured cream cheese. To me it doesn't seem right but everyone's taste is different.

post-53-76766-philly_light_straw.jpg (image/jpeg)

Posted: Dec. 15 2007, 20:57 ET

This is ok if you feel like a change.  I had it once at a friend's and it tastes kind of sweet to me - if you prefer a cream cheese go for the non-flavoured.


Posted: Feb. 18 2008, 19:02 ET

I didn't realize this allowed!!  I have had it, and I really like it.  It's great if you're having a sweet craving.  You can use it as on toast/melba or even as a dip for your fruit.  I've been spreading plain cream cheese on melba and putting strawberry slices on top but I might go out and buy some  if it's allowed!

Posted: Jun. 24 2010, 16:30 ET

I love this flavour, I use it on my SF jello (since we don't get Danon Light & Fit here in Canada) and it tastes awesome! Also, I mix it with Dr B pudding packs to get a creamier pudding!