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Posted: Nov. 30 2007, 11:29 ET

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These Wonderslim Crisp 'n Crunch bars are the same as the ones that we can buy here in the U.S. clinics, but aren't sold in the clinics in Canada.  In my opinion they are superior to the other brand of bars in both size and flavor.

Of the Crisp 'n Crunch bars, the Cinnamon is my absolute favorite.  To really make it special, remove it from the wrapper and microwave it for 12 seconds on a paper towel.  A gooey delight.  

The frosting on the bottom of these bars fares a bit better than chocolate does from a melting standpoint.  They can still get melted in a pocket or something, but if you're going to take a bar with you where it won't be air conditioned, these are a good choice.

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Posted: Dec. 3 2007, 10:02 ET

I'm with Brian on this one, these are my absolute fav.  Berry is a close second, but these cinnamon bars are almost like candy! 5/5 for me

Posted: Dec. 3 2007, 16:47 ET

I'm jumping on the cinnamon bandwagon. I've had these before and really liked them, but I had not tried the microwave trick before. Brian's right: it's a whole new level of goodness and it really brings out the cinnamon flavour. Obviously Brian's microwave is more powerful than mine, as mine needed 30 seconds, but what's another 18 seconds between me and "gooey delight?"

Posted: Dec. 5 2007, 23:20 ET

I have to give these an excellent rating...love them.....but won't order them (I had sampled these) because they are too good for me and trigger fierce cravings.....sigh  :(

Posted: Dec. 9 2007, 01:35 ET

I ordered these through dietdirect.com on Brian's recommendation.  They are as good as promised.  And yes, I nuked them as per his suggestion.  Put it in on a pretty dessert plate with a dainty dessert fork, and it feels like something you might order in a restaurant.

Posted: Jan. 31 2008, 09:55 ET

I agree with everyone - these are quite tasty!

Posted: Feb. 1 2008, 14:16 ET

I found these to be fricken awesome, will only have them on occasion or when in need so I don't overdo it.

Posted: Feb. 9 2008, 16:31 ET

Really, really amazing. They taste like something you shouldn't be eating haha.

Zaftig Mermaid
Posted: May 7 2008, 17:07 ET

These are my absolute faves too  :)

Posted: May 8 2008, 07:17 ET

Wow, I obviously go against the majority here!!  I like these bars for a change, but I guess the reason for that is that I'm really not a cinnamon person.  I pretty much hate it so when I say they're ok they're probably actually really great to someone who like cinnamon generally.