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Posted: Nov. 30 2007, 10:25 ET

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Posted: Dec. 7 2007, 22:59 ET

Not my fav, but it's good.

Posted: Dec. 10 2007, 16:10 ET

Didn't like this at all.  Ended up throwing it out.  Extremely chemically tasting to me.

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 12:45 ET

Maybe I'm just deprived, but we had a jar of this sitting in the cupboard for about a year and I finally tried it for the first time last night.  I have to say that of all of the things that Walden Farms puts in a jar (chocolate dip, marshmallow dip, ranch dip, etc.), this stuff is the best I've had.  Cindy was like "it tastes like apple pie".  I thought it was really good.  Maybe letting it sit for a year made it better -- I dunno, but I thought it was great.

Posted: Jun. 26 2010, 00:20 ET

ANother YUCKY WF product, texture is rubbery and it has a pretty nasty chemical after taste, not as bad as the marshmellow, but still bad. Try ED Sugar Free Jam instead.