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Posted: Nov. 28 2007, 10:25 ET

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Yum. Someone wrote that this was like a brownie and I agree. Very dense and chocolatey.

post-39-63504-Hazelnut.gif (image/gif)

Posted: Nov. 30 2007, 11:40 ET

Of the strict-approved bars, these are pretty good.  I like the Crisp 'n Crunch bars better.  These bars are a bit smaller (volume wise), but very dense, and good and "chocolatey".

Posted: Dec. 15 2007, 21:06 ET

I really like these, slightly smaller in size than the choc crunch, but they taste really good and will take care of that choc fix while on main.


Posted: Jan. 29 2008, 19:01 ET

These are decent enough but def much better heated up for 15 seconds.

Posted: Aug. 23 2009, 19:40 ET

I really like this one.  It pairs really well with a hot cuppa joe!  Yummm!

Cocoa Bean
Posted: Aug. 23 2009, 21:14 ET

As a chocolate lover I have to say the Hazelnut bars are my favourite. The closest you will get to a chocolate brownie on this diet. My choice for runner-up would be the Coconut.