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Posted: Nov. 28 2007, 08:57 ET

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Posted: Nov. 30 2007, 11:41 ET

Of the strict-approved, non-Crisp 'n Crunch bars, this flavor is one of the best to me.

Posted: Dec. 9 2007, 01:32 ET

This one is just okay for me.  When I eat the caramel cereal bar, I feel like I have cheated - it's that good.  When I eat the Supreme Caramel, I drink a lot of water to wash it down, and am kind of relieved when it is gone.  I think it's too sweet, or something.  I have three more left in my fridge, and when they are gone, I won't buy them again.

Posted: Jan. 28 2008, 17:29 ET

When eating COLD, this one is just okay for me too, but...

heated for 15sec in the microwave, it tastes divine! :)  almost like a warmed up rolo..yummy.

Posted: Mar. 2 2008, 10:27 ET

I don't think these are as good as the other protidiet bars, but I do find them pretty filling.


Posted: Jan. 23 2009, 12:36 ET

I'm not a fan. It tastes artificial...