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Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 00:33 ET

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Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 11:19 ET

I bought 2 packages of the Shirataki noodles at the beginning of strict.  I did not like the rubbery texture at all but still ate the allowed portion.  Then my digestive system totally rebelled.  Ended up throwing the rest out.  After I did some investigation and learned that it can have that reaction on some people.

Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 21:27 ET

Of the Shirataki noodles, these are my favorite.  I've always been partial to angel hair pasta, so I really like the smaller diameter noodles.  The angel hair variety also has fewer carbs than the regular.

Posted: Nov. 24 2007, 07:21 ET

While I generally prefer to buy the Shirakiku style (clearish whitish) noodles instead of the tofu ones, when I do buy the tofu ones I prefer the "angel hair" format.  I like the lower carbs and calories (not much different than the regular, but a savings is a savings).  These noodles can really be a treat if you prepare them correctly.

Posted: Nov. 30 2007, 11:32 ET

These are fantastic.  Don't be put off by the fishy smell when you open the bag.  Rinse them fully for 1 minute under cold water, pop them in the microwave for another 1 minute, and then dry roast then in a frying pan on high heat for a few minutes to dry them up.  

I like them a lot more than the Shirataki fettuccine that I've tried as I find them less rubbery, and more like regular noodles.  Overall, they're an excellent treat during strict.

Posted: Dec. 7 2007, 23:16 ET

Yummy , enough said!