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Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 00:06 ET

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Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 11:46 ET

This was not a favourite of mine for salads but found it to be pretty good instead of mayonnaise mashed in with Tuna.

Posted: Dec. 8 2007, 13:13 ET

As with most WF dressings, if you're in the proper mindset (not comparing it to the "real thing", just thinking of it as a good dressing) it's quite good.  I have a chicken caesar salad using this dressing most days for lunch.

Posted: Dec. 10 2007, 16:03 ET

Not one of my favorites, but not useless.  I agree with the comment that as long as you don't try to compare it to the real thing, you will probably find uses for this dressing.

Ms. Maniac
Posted: Jul. 14 2009, 12:18 ET

This one is better than the others but doesn't 'pop'. However, I think it's good enough to recommend for strict.

Posted: Aug. 10 2010, 18:09 ET

Honestly?  Yuck.  I'm not trying to compare it to the 'real' thing but, quite honestly, I find that all the Walden Farms dressings are waaaay toooo sweet and leave a weird aftertaste.  Maybe if they cut back on the Spenda in their recipes?

Last year I ordered 4 or 5 different dressing and dips.  I'd heard so much about them and certainly was in love with the calorie/carb/fat counts (or lack thereof - lol).

Within 2 months they were all in the garbage.  I should say I never have been a lover of 'sweet' foods so maybe that the problem with my dislike of the products.

Wish I could like 'em... but can't get past the taste.  If you prefer 'savory' over 'sweet' flavours, you may also want to stay away from these items.

But I will say that the textures were wonderful.     :clap:

I'm glad others are able to use the products and if anyone is aware of some not so sweet flavours I'd really love to hear!