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Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 00:05 ET

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I was raised on my uncle's recipe for BBQ sauce that was definitely NOT low calorie. It was thick, sweet, spicy, tangy, finger lickin' goodness. I never thought a low-cal -- let alone a no-cal -- BBQ sauce could measure up. Well, Walden Farms Thick and Spicy BBQ Sauce comes close. It's not that thick, but it is sweet, spicy, tangy finger lickin' goodness. And it's guilt-free.

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Posted: Nov. 26 2007, 21:07 ET

This is just an okay sauce for me.  When I first tried it I thought it was fairly good, but then the second and third times I liked it less and less.  I find it strangely sweet (not in a good way) and I don't find the flavour sticks to my meat very well.  It colours the meat but doesn't permeate it.  If you try patak's tandoori paste (which I love!) vs. this sauce, I think you'll understand what I mean.

Posted: Nov. 29 2007, 13:49 ET

After months of putting BBQ sauce on my husband's chicken/turkey and not on mine, this was a great buy.  I like the taste, it does taste like a diet food to me so I don't use a lot of it, but I think it is a really good substitute and will continue using it even on maintenance :)

I get mine from our local Diabetics Depot

Posted: Dec. 7 2007, 23:14 ET

I really like this sauce. I pour it on chicken/turkey breast and microwave or bake , it has a great taste.

Posted: Dec. 10 2007, 16:09 ET

I don't think you'll find a better tasting diet BBQ sauce, and you definitely won't find a better one that is calorie free.

Posted: Oct. 1 2009, 15:51 ET

I just had this delivered from Low Carb Grocery and tried some on a chicken breast and it was surprisingly pretty good. It's got an unidentifiable sweetness when you first taste it (but not bad), and then a nice spicy kick. I wouldn't exactly call it "thick" as the name suggests (though maybe it's thicker than their other BBQ sauce products?). Either way, it's pretty tasty and I'll definitely use it again.