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Posted: Nov. 22 2007, 23:43 ET

I've had this in the single packet serving size and while I thought it was a little strange, I couldn't stop eating my salad. And I've used it again. So I guess I like it, although honestly, I think I'm just a sucker for any kind of creamy dressing.

(The full size bottle is currently not sold through the Low Carb Grocery, although a similar flavour, Bacon Ranch, is. The Bacon Ranch is not, however, on the Acceptable Food list.)

post-53-92983-WFcreamybacon.jpg (image/jpeg)

Posted: Nov. 29 2007, 13:45 ET

I have used this on salad and on cooked chicken - it is quite tasty and feels like a nice indulgence.

Posted: Dec. 1 2007, 20:08 ET

I can't quite put my finger on it but I found this product has a wierd taste to it

Posted: Dec. 3 2007, 23:12 ET

Nasty stuff.  I tried it once, and that was enough.  After my first salad, which I couldn't finish, I left the bottle in the fridge, thinking that I would give it a second try.  After a month of looking at it on my fridge shelf, and not being able to muster the courage to try it again, I finally through the rest of the bottle out.  As hard as it was for me to imagine, the raspberry vinaigrette was a thousand times worse.  YUCK!

Posted: Dec. 10 2007, 16:11 ET

When I first started the diet this dressing was the only one I ever ate.  I really liked it back then, but I ate it so much I got really burnt out on it and now I can't stand it.

Ms. Maniac
Posted: Jul. 14 2009, 12:14 ET

Like tommyboy, I found this dressing to have an odd taste to it, and like the other WF dressings it is very thin and rather bland. I was hoping for better for a creamy dressing. It might be good if you dress it up with permitted spices though, or I can see it being good as an addition to a stirfry or glaze to meat that you're cooking with. Not bacony!

Posted: Sep. 12 2009, 18:53 ET

We really enjoy this one, however it is hard to squeeze the bacon out of the pkgs!