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Posted: Nov. 22 2007, 23:02 ET

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While I don't think it's very "Asian" tasting, I do like this sauce. It's got a good tang to it and, while I've never used it on salad, it's great as a marinade or sauce when you're feeling too lazy or rushed to whip one up yourself. I've used it on chicken, shrimp and vegetables and always been satisfied.

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Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 10:12 ET

I also have used this as a marinade for chicken and frequently as a salad dressing.  It has a slightly sweet taste as Asian dressing generally does but I agree with Noma that that's about the only similarity to the real thing !  However, it is good, although not my favourite (which is the Zesty Italian)

Posted: Nov. 26 2007, 20:58 ET

Yucky yucky yucky...for some reason, I just can't stand this dressing.  Actually, most walden farms products I've been very disappointed in (with the exception of the syrup and the chocolate sauce.)

Posted: Dec. 7 2007, 23:10 ET

I didn't like this one. Not the right flavour for me is all.

Ms. Maniac
Posted: Jul. 14 2009, 12:22 ET

I didn't like the flavor at all. Definitely not a good salad dressing, but usable for stirfries if you add soya sauce. Perhaps it will be a good marinade.