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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 19:05 ET

Yes, these are the shakes offered for sale through the clinics. When I started the diet and found out that (in Canada at least) there was only one "legal" prepared variety of protein drink, I was prepared to do without. My experience with protein drinks had not been great. Boy was I glad to be wrong! Who knew a protein shake could be so yummy?

The drinks boxes are convenient (they come with their own straw); the packaging holds up while traveling (I've taken them all over the world in my suitcases and not had one leak or break); and they are very versatile. You can use them for smoothies, ice creams, drink flavourings and as a milk replacement. Although better cold, I have drunk them warm and the taste and texture is still acceptable.

I do prefer the chocolate flavour over vanilla but that's just the kind of person I am.
This review page is for the Chocolate flavour. Also available in Vanilla.

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Posted: Nov. 22 2007, 09:09 ET

I like the chocolate flavor of these shakes, but actually like the vanilla better.  If I want the vanilla to be chocolate, I can just add some of the Walden Farms chocolate syrup.  Honestly, if I'm going to have a chocolate "ready to drink" shake, I'd prefer the AdvantEDGE ready to drink protein shakes (allowed on strict, but only available in the U.S.).  If you're in Canada and can't get the AdvantEDGE, and like chocolate, you'll like these shakes.

Posted: Nov. 27 2007, 11:58 ET

I *love* these and didn't give them 5 stars 'cause I wish we got more per serving, hehe.  I was very wary to try these 'cause I too am not a big fan of protein shakes, always found they tasted gross.  But, this is a fairly good substitute for chocolate milk so I'm happy.  See my post about the walden chocolate syrup and you'll see my favourite drink that I make with this shake.

I'd love to try the AdvantEdge shakes to compare the taste.  Since I'll be in Miami in a month, I'll have to pick some up!

Posted: Jan. 5 2008, 21:58 ET

These are very good, but not very filling at all. They are convenient when you are in a hurry though so I always keep some for when I'm on the run.