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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 17:53 ET

From the manufacturer: That lunchtime salad just isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger? Add some cubes of Allégro Herbs & Spices cheese to tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy your appetite. With only 4% fat, one 30 g cube provides 20% of the recommended daily calcium intake and 11 g of protein.
This review page is for the Herbs & Spices variety only. Also available in White or Yellow & Jalapeño varieties.

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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 22:26 ET

I love this flavour of Allegro and continue using it even on maintenance.  It's a great bang for the calorie buck (11gms protein for 60 cals. in 30 gms of cheese).   It makes a great satisfying snack on melba toast or with an apple.

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 23:00 ET

Not my fav of the Allegro's but it's still good.

Posted: Nov. 24 2007, 07:08 ET

Sadly this cheese is not available in the U.S. (as of this writing), but Michelle brought several varieties of the Allegro with her when she was here.  This flavor was quite good, but my favorite was the jalapeno.