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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 17:50 ET

From the manufacturer: If you’ve got the munchies and want a nutritious snack, Allégro 4% cheese is the healthy solution. With only 4% fat, one 30 g cube provides 20% of the recommended daily calcium intake and 11 g of protein. Keeps you satisfied until the next meal!
This review page is for the White or Yellow variety as the only difference between them is food colouring. Allegro 4% is also available in Herbs & Spices and Jalapeño flavours.

post-45-85457-Allegro_Blanc_300g_SW.jpg (image/jpeg)

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 22:41 ET

Don't buy this as often as the Herbs & Spices Allegro....but it's very good on Melba toast with a little jam.

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 22:49 ET

I enjoy this warmed in the microwave, make it more like fresh cheese curd. Yummy!

Posted: Nov. 24 2007, 07:07 ET

Sadly this cheese is not available in the U.S. (as of this writing), but Michelle brought several varieties of the Allegro with her when she was here.  It is a nicely done low-fat cheese, strict legal, and would be a great healthy choice to continue using even on maintenance.

Posted: Nov. 24 2007, 21:59 ET

This a five star from me, and it works good on homemade pizza now that i am on maint. Cheese was always a weakness of mine and i am glad i do not have to keep Allegro on the forbidden list.

Posted: Dec. 1 2007, 20:04 ET

I love this cheese on flatbread for a strict mini pizza

Posted: Dec. 8 2007, 13:10 ET

This product has been a lifesaver for me!  It's great as is and melts really well too.

Posted: Dec. 15 2007, 20:54 ET

I really love this.  My husband has been eating this for years and so I was aware of it and eating it before this diet.  This definitely does the trick for me on this diet.  I use it once a week on my pita pizza and I feel like i'm cheating!  Allowance is a really good amount, esp if you grate it!!  This will be my main cheese after the diet too.


Posted: Jan. 8 2008, 03:35 ET

Very, very good.  Not attending the clinic at present but I buy it and eat every day.

Posted: Jan. 23 2009, 20:10 ET

Well I must admit I was pretty excited when I ran across Allegro 4% Mozzarella last night in the grocery store (Superstore in Calgary), well today I saved up my breads and used a whole Pita Gourmet Pita and made a pizza........I can’t believe how disgusting this cheese is!! Surely I can’t be eating the same cheese that all of you are raving about? I wouldn’t say it tasted any different than the fat free slices, just a block of plastic cheese instead.


T Minus 80
Posted: Jul. 17 2009, 17:12 ET

I have been eating this stuff for over ten years.  I would never cook with it but it's great on crackers.

Posted: Jul. 17 2009, 17:18 ET

i really like it. bought the orange one this week. So good melted on a La Tortilla with a bit of salsa

Stiletto con Carne
Posted: Aug. 24 2010, 22:48 ET

I agree with whoever said it was "plastic-y" ... not the worst stuff out there, but not fabulous if you're a real cheese lover (like me).  
The plain variety had little flavour.
I give it a 3 out of 5 because it IS legal and IMHO still MUCH better than eating processed "cheesefood" slices.

Note:  I much prefer the St. Albert L'Elan  4% which comes in a brick.  

We have family near the factory in St. Albert & am lucky enough to have my hubby bring it home for me every month! : )