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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 13:29 ET

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I wouldn't eat this plain, but mixed into a shake, or dolloped onto some jello lite, it's okay. If you really miss whip cream this might fill the gap, however I should mention that some people complain about a strong chemical taste. Personally, I did have one jar that tasted strange, but who knows? Maybe my taste buds were "off" that day, as the other two jars I've gone through tasted fine.

Like all Walden Farms products the marshmallow dip is a bit pricey, but since a jar lasts me a long time, I feel like I get my money's worth. It's occasionally offered at discount at the Low Carb Grocery, so you might want to wait for a sale before you try it for the first time.

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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 13:34 ET

Not bad...again when used in moderation.  Have frequently used a bit on Jello and  also as a dip for whole straberries ...that's pretty good.

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 15:08 ET

This stuff is decent -- not fantastic, not gross.  Definitely don't just eat it by the spoonful, but in or on stuff it's pretty decent.

Posted: Dec. 3 2007, 23:24 ET

I use this as a dip for apple slices.  Less than a teaspoon is more than enough; otherwise, it's way too sweet.

Posted: Dec. 7 2007, 22:57 ET

This has a weird after taste to me. Not some thing I will order again.

Posted: Jan. 29 2008, 19:35 ET

Ok but has a strong aftertaste.  I found if I mixed it with the caramel spread or used it as a topping for something else it was okay.

Posted: Mar. 14 2009, 16:15 ET

I really enjoy this product and I have to hide it because my kids REALLY like it.  On raspberries or strawberries, it's a real treat!

Posted: Jun. 1 2010, 10:39 ET

This is truly disgusting.  When you first taste it, you'll think "hmm, not bad".  But give it about 5 minutes and the chemical after-taste really kicks in.  I had that taste in my mouth for two days!

Posted: Jun. 26 2010, 00:18 ET

One word for you...YUCK! It tastes like chemicals and has a glue like texture!