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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 08:55 ET

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This U.S. based vendor sells nearly all of the diet food products that are sold in the clinics -- even the "Crisp 'n Crunch" protein bars that are only sold in the U.S. (and are superior to the other bars in my opinion).  Even though they are in the U.S., if your order is over $79 you get free standard shipping -- even to Canada.

This vendor is a staple for me -- I eat products that I've purchased from them at least once a day (usually more).  They have always provided me with superior communication and customer service.

When ordering from this affiliate vendor take advantage of these discount codes at checkout to save even more:  use code SAVE10 to save 10% on your order, or code 73567 to save $5!

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Click here to see all items available from DietDirect.com that have been reviewed here.

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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 10:53 ET

Agree this is an A1 vendor.  Both the orders I have placed so far have come through without any problems whatsoever.

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 11:25 ET

These guys are great.  I forgot to put something on my order (free stuff I was entitled to), emailed them and it was in the package on arrival :)


Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 14:51 ET

I am so glad we have this vendor to get supplies from. I save a bundle on my protein bars and love the fact that I can get the Wonderslim bars and all the other great protein snacks. (Maintainers: try the Honey O's cereal. Yum!)

The discounts and free samples are great and on my last order they even added a 2nd set of free samples; I guess because the order was so large. That impressed me.

To other Canadians: I've never had a problem at the border. My 1st shipment was held up for a bit for whatever reason, but still arrived at my house just two weeks after ordering. My 2nd order took only one week to arrive. But in neither case was I charged any duties or taxes.

Posted: Nov. 26 2007, 16:57 ET

Just as a point of interest to add to what Noma said.  My first order came through with no charge, the second I had to pay tax and a Canada Post $5.00 handling fee.  There was no actual duty charged in both cases.  In the post office it was explained to me that whether you get charged the tax or not is purely the luck of the draw as to who in Canada Border Services handles the package.....some charge, some do not.  The Canada Post Service fee is for them to handle the paperwork because the money is collect from you through them.

Posted: Dec. 15 2007, 21:11 ET

These guys are great.  My order took only one week to arrive and i was charged zero for shipping and handling.  Ordered in total 18 boxes of stuff.  For those who like the oatmeal, order by the canister.  its 20.00 and you get equivalent to three boxes.

Posted: Mar. 29 2008, 17:42 ET

My first order placed with these guys came in 9 business days with no extra duties or charges. Great prices!!

Posted: Mar. 31 2008, 23:33 ET

i recieved my order from diet direct today along with the free samples i had asked for.  it took about 2 calendar weeks but when i tracked it it was in canada waiting at customs for awhile.  the great news is my order was $125 and wasn't charged any customs fees!

Posted: Jan. 15 2009, 12:43 ET

I live in Canada and I received my order in a week and did not have to pay any extra fees. Everything was well packaged and I receive the 3 free samples I had asked for. It's a keeper!

Posted: Nov. 20 2009, 22:27 ET

I've ordered 3 times now - very quick shipping (last order only took 6 business days!!) I've had to pay duties on the last 2 orders - but it wasn't very much (customs charge + GST for order) Who knew diet food could taste this good!

Posted: Nov. 22 2009, 16:47 ET

I submitted an order late Friday Oct 23, it was shipped Monday Oct 26 and I received it Nov 5, 8 business days.  I ordered 11 boxes of protein bars and paid $85.30 Cdn ($79.09 US).  A savings of $90.70 over the clinic price.

Posted: Mar. 30 2010, 14:55 ET

I order all my bars, soups and oatmeal from Diet Direct.

Shipped to Canada, with exchange and duty I still save substantially - anywhere between $50 - $100. My orders have been 100% accurate, received within a week and actually skipped duty the first 2 times.  :D

The online ordering process is simple and the customer service ladies who answer the phone lines are fantastic. Will order from again and again.  :thumbs: