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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 08:50 ET

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This Canadian web merchant sells lots of the low carb products that are allowed on the strict diet.  They have a great selection of the Walden Farms products, shirataki noodles, and many others.  This vendor is an affiliate vendor, and members here have reported great service by them.

Click here to see all strict items available from TheLowCarbGrocery.com that have been reviewed here.

Click here to see all items available from TheLowCarbGrocery.com that have been reviewed here.

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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 11:30 ET

A1 Vendor.  I am fortunate to live in the city and can shop at the store.  Brian, is there any way the forum can get the % if those of us who go to the store say we are members?

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 14:41 ET

Online orders are delivered quickly, accurately and extremely well packed. Never had any breakage. It's a well organized website with lots of selection. My only beef with them is they never pick up the phone and they never return messages.

Posted: Dec. 8 2007, 13:03 ET

Just got my first order from The Low Carb Grocery - great customer service, easy to use website, fast shipping and the shipment was extremely well-packed.  I did have one leak, but it was due to the product freezing and expanding...not something that could have been helped.

Overall highly recommended!

Posted: Jan. 11 2008, 06:00 ET

Fantastic customer service.  I placed and order through the web with them and unfortunately there were shipping delays, so I did not get my order for a week.  When I received my order, the pita breads had some mould on them.  I sent a quick email to them and they promptly advised me that they would resend my pita order free of charge.  And that they did.  I will definately order from them again.

Posted: Jan. 11 2008, 19:32 ET

The store is great and the staff very knowledgeable.  I visit it every few months to stock up and always ask for new product recommendations.  They're honest (have suggested not to buy certain products) and helpful by making clever suggestions on what to buy.  Well worth a visit.

Posted: Mar. 29 2008, 17:44 ET

Well well packed orders and extremely fast shipping. Great store!

Posted: Aug. 14 2008, 19:08 ET

I'm lucky enough to have the store only 10 mins drive from my place.  The people who work there are fantastic!  They always have answers to my questions - full of knowledge, great at suggesting stuff without being pushy and they have a lot of things that I can happily eat without feeling guilty!


(ps - my vote, done a while back, says 4 stars - not sure why because I think they're a 5 star place!!)

Posted: Nov. 13 2008, 13:53 ET

placed my first order last Friday and received it on Wednesday. They let me know it would not be shipped til Monday so I was very pleased. Had a wrap at lunch and really enjoyed not having to cheat! Very filling and the dressing was great, can't wait to try the rest of them.

Posted: Jan. 15 2009, 12:39 ET

I've ordered from them twice already and I was amazed by the quick delivery. No complaints at all!

Posted: Aug. 5 2009, 18:18 ET

I've used their site a couple of times.  Great products and haven't been disappointed in anything bought.  Good service and fast delivery.  Everytime I go to a site I feel like a kid at Christmas, being able to find stuff I can't get anywhere else.  Well worth shopping there and the prices are not at all out of line.:D

Posted: Mar. 30 2010, 14:52 ET

Shopped Low Carb Grocer in store and online and either way I LOVE that store!!!

In store there is so much to browse and staff is super friendly.

I was concerned ordering online the 1st time - ordered Joseph's Pitas, shiritaki noodles, glass containers, etc. - ordering was sooo easy, products were well packaged, arrived the next day and each time my order was 100% accurate.  :thumbs: