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Posted: Nov. 20 2007, 23:35 ET

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I've tried low carb ketchups before and been (very) disappointed, so I was a little skeptical of this one. But I have to admit: Heinz One Carb tastes pretty much like the original. Big thumbs up!

The only disappointment I have with this product is that, so far, grocery stores in Canada don't seem to carry it.

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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 05:54 ET

I am a ketchup lover and Heinz has always been my ketchup of choice. Years ago when I did Atkins I had to give up my beloved ketchup and would actually make my own low carb ketchup from a recipe that turned out pretty similar to Heinz. Then during the heydey of low carb Heinz came out with their own low carb ketchup and the stuff is fantastic. They've re-branded it a couple times now, but fortunately they keep making it. My wife and I buy it like 4 bottles at a time because we constantly worry that they are going to discontinue it. Recently it disappeared from shelves at the local grocery store for about a month while Heinz was re-branding and supplies were interrupted. After a brief panic (and buying up bottles we could find on shelves at various stores) we found out they weren't discontinuing it -- just changing the label a bit. Whew. Who knew ketchup could be so important?

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 23:12 ET

I love this. No reason to ever go back to any other ketchup.

Posted: Nov. 26 2007, 20:57 ET

I *love* this ketchup.  It's funny, because I ALWAYS bought Heinz (regular) ketchup and could never buy the no-name substitutes due to something being off in their taste.  To me, this one carb ketchup is just as good as the original!  Once again, sucks that I can't find this is in my local grocery store though.  Oh well, at least there's lowcarbgrocery.com.

Posted: Aug. 14 2008, 18:52 ET

It tastes just like the real thing and I'm never going back to the real thing!!