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Posted: Nov. 20 2007, 23:04 ET

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Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 23:10 ET

This in NO way is any thing like peanut butter. Not one little bit. Can not say enough times how it is nothing at all like peanut butter. AND it doesn't taste good at all.

Posted: Nov. 21 2007, 23:11 ET

Definately not peanut butter but may work well in some kind of a peanut sauce for stir fry or something.

Posted: Nov. 27 2007, 11:45 ET

Nasty, nasty, nasty stuff!  Buyer beware!

Posted: Nov. 27 2007, 11:52 ET

Even though I heard it was nasty, I bought this today just so I could review it.  I couldn't bring myself to give it only 1 star, because it's not completely inedible, and for a "calorie free" product that is supposed to taste like peanut butter -- honestly what do you expect?  I think you could definitely use it to make a peanut sauce for phad thai or something, but I don't see myself making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of it anytime soon.

Edited to add: You know, I did make a "peanut butter" and "jelly" sandwich the other day using a slice of strict bread and a dollop of this and a dollop of the WF strawberry spread.  Honestly, for something with just the calories of the bread, it was pretty edible.  Not a real "PB&J" by any stretch, but if your calorie budget was tight, maybe worth having.

Posted: Dec. 3 2007, 21:26 ET

I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and .......NO WAY!! Michelle was here at the time and we both thought it would be ok when trying to concoct some sort of peanut sauce for chicken. I haven't tried yet but may some day soon. Certainly not something I'd be eating alone.

Posted: Mar. 30 2008, 21:06 ET

I've heard and read this was bad but I wanted to try it myself so I bought some on my visit to the store yesterday.  It wasn't bad at all.  I thought there would be a strong sweetener taste (like the marshmallow) but it was surprisingly good.  Not peanut butter by any means but it had a similar smooth consistency (not like the apple butter that gets all "piecey".)  I had it on a Joseph's pita with some of the WF strawberry jam.  A nice snack!

Posted: Apr. 10 2008, 07:41 ET

All i can say is YUCK! I am a true blue peanut butter lover, it made me what i am today, and this is by no means a good substitution.....dont waste your money!

Posted: Feb. 22 2009, 01:25 ET

I found it at my local IGA and was so intrigued that I shelled out the $4.50 for it.
How is it? Well, It looks like peanut butter, its smooth and creamy, it has a vague peanut butter after taste.
It doesn't taste good enough to be eaten alone on toast. I'm going to try and make some phad thai with it (shirtaki noodles) and some ginger peanut chicken. It's worth a try anyways.

If you adore peanut butter (like I do) don't rush out and buy it, you might be disappointed. As usual it's calorie free so I'm not complaining but their salad dressings are a lot better than their peanut butter.

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Posted: Mar. 26 2010, 20:02 ET

I thought it tasted nothing like peanut butter and a lot like chemicals. I love the real stuff too much and my expectations were too high for this.

Posted: Mar. 27 2010, 19:10 ET

Horrible stuff, I hate to waist food but this went straaight to the garbage can... I love my dogs too much to feed it to them.