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Posted: Nov. 20 2007, 22:00 ET

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These great tasting 15 gram protein Proti-Shakes from Pro-Amino are easy to take with you wherever you go! Take it in your car, to the office, take it anywhere you travel - no blender neccesary!

These are somewhat innovative as they come in a bottle, but it's just the powder in the bottle.  When you're ready to consume them, then you add water and shake them up. They're great for keeping in the car and you can just add some cold bottled water when you're ready.

The reason I rated the vanilla kind of in the middle (while I rated the chocolate highly and the strawberry poorly) is that the vanilla are a little harder to mix than the chocolate, but not near as hard as the strawberry (the chocolate seem to mix very easily).  This may be inconvenient when you're "on the go" which is when these are to be used.

This review is for the vanilla flavor only.  See the separate reviews for the strawberry and the chocolate.

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Posted: Dec. 14 2007, 15:25 ET

This really is the neatest idea.  I also keep a couple of these in the car at all times.....won't freeze in winter, won't melt in summer (as the bars may).  The taste is very good.  It is similar to the taste of their puddings, just a little less thick.  I actually prefer a shake to a bar if I am just trying to quell hunger as it is less sweet, has fewer carbs and lower calories.  Much bigger bang for the caloric buck.

My vote is "very good" as with the chocolate. (I "nulled" it by mistake in the poll choice)