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Posted: Oct. 31 2007, 15:39 ET

I was raised lacto-ovo vegetarian as a child, but started eating meat in college. But even now I really only cook vegetarian at home, although I will eat meat when I go out to eat. I've tried once or twice cooking hot dogs and chicken breasts and such things at home, but I really don't know what I'm doing.

Now that I'm planning to go on Dr. B. just as soon as I can get the money saved up, I've been thinking a lot about protein sources, and I realize that most of the protein-rich foods that I eat are coupled with fat or are high in starch, or are indubitably otherwise incompatible with Dr. B standards; I'm talking whole eggs, processed (or rarely, hard) cheese, beans and lentils, soy or tofu 'meats', etc. I'm sure there's some way that I can adapt or reduce my use of these heretofore mainstays so that they are legal for Dr. B, but in order to increase variety in my diet, I'm thinking it could be useful for me to incorporate at least a bit of meat into my meal planning - and that means I need to learn how to cook it at home.


So, that's where I need help - any advice you can give would be appreciated. I guess I can look in the right sections for specific recipes, but if you can give me food safety ideas for dealing with meat, or if there are other ideas for recipes, or if you can give me pointers for how to shop the grocery store for meat, or anything else you can think of that a newbie/wannabe carnivore chef would need to know, I'd be really grateful.

My parents raised me to try anything at least once, and I've learned that way what I like and what I don't, meat-wise. As to specific types of meat I like: mostly chicken. Sometimes beef (has generally been hamburger, or cut up and put in something, like a pasta sauce or beef stroganoff). The occasional hotdog. I adore bacon and turkey bacon. Although I'm not too crazy about turkey in the Thanksgiving turkey sense, I could possibly be persuaded to change my mind on that. I'm not big on pork or ham, and I refuse to eat seafood of any type again - no fish, no shrimp, etc. Once I had souvlaki the genuine Greek style, made with lamb - it was okay. Oh, I'm deathly afraid of choking on bones, so any meat I eat has to be boneless. Maybe that'll change, tho - I can be open-minded...

Anyway, thanks in advance for whatever you can help with... I look forward to seeing what you have to say



Posted: Oct. 31 2007, 16:29 ET

Hey Mel!

I was a Vegetarian for 4 years, but was terrible at it.  I basically lived on Mac and Cheese, Tomatoe soup and sub-sandwhiches with just lettuce and cheese.  

When I started eating meat finally I was exactly like you - I could have it at a restaurant but didn't have it in my home...I hated touching it LOL.  When I finally started cooking with meat I wouldn't touch it - I would use tongs or a fork to take it out of the container and just put it into a pan or whatever.  If it needed to be cut - I would have my husband do it (he didn't mind because he wanted the meat LOL)  

As time passed I got more and more comfortable with it..it just takes getting used to.  

I now use my George Foreman grill a lot to cook meats, and also use my slow cooker.  The grill is quick and easy - the slow cooker takes a bit more planning but the meat is more juicey after and you can make a bit of a sauce by adding 1 tbsp of curry paste in there or some other seasonings :)

Posted: Oct. 31 2007, 16:49 ET

Thanks, Brooke,

Thing is, I love to cook - don't always have enough time, or money for ingredients, and cooking for one is hard. But I love to mess around in the kitchen and figure new combinations out - cooking vegetarian is generally no problem. Hey, I'd swap vegetarian cooking advice for carnivorous cooking advice :D


Posted: Oct. 31 2007, 17:32 ET

:laugh: I have a lot of great Vegetarian recipes - but they are not all that Dr. B friendly to be honest  :blush2:

Posted: Oct. 31 2007, 18:19 ET

I've got a lot too - and I'm looking forward to getting my allowed food list and adapting them to Dr. B... It'll be fun sharing them with everyone :)

But in the meantime, I'd like to start figuring out how to cook chicken and other meats safely and appetizingly... at least for myself!