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Posted: Oct. 10 2007, 21:41 ET

I don't know if Coca Cola BlaK was ever released in Canada or not, and it looks like it's going to be discontinued now, but I actually tried some the other day and thought it was interesting.  It is a mid-calorie drink which means it is partly sweetened with sugar (or HFCS) and partly artificially sweetened.  It is basically Coca Cola with coffee flavor added.  While it was pretty tasty, it was not calorie/sugar free, and it also had caffeine.  I decided to try to make my own.

After a bit of experimentation, this is the recipe I settled on:

6 fl. oz. Caffeine Free Diet Coke
1 fl. oz. brewed decaf espresso (chilled in fridge)
1 fl. oz. genuine Caffeine Free Diet Coke syrup

I found the flavor to be pretty similar to what I recall the BlaK tasting like.  I brewed a small pot of the decaf espresso and put it in an old (well washed) Walden Farms dressing bottle to keep in the fridge (for making BlaK, adding to shakes, etc.).  Adding the genuine Caffeine Free Diet Coke syrup is optional, but I found it helped to take the last little bit of bite off the espresso and rounded out the flavor nicely (in a way that just adding more of the soda didn't).  I have about 12 liters of the syrup lying around and I don't use it for anything else other than making Caffeine Free Diet Coke slurpees, so it was handy and helped it come out right.

Here's a link to the official Coca Cola BlaK page -- not sure how long it will be around if they are discontinuing the product.

Posted: Oct. 11 2007, 01:24 ET

Yes it is available in Canada and it's one of the only cola drinks I ever consume. It's funny: I don't like pop, I don't like coffee flavoured anything (except straight coffee or espresso) but for some reason I did like Coca Cola BlaK. I'm sorry to hear it might be discontinued but at least we have your recipe. I might just try that.

Posted: Oct. 11 2007, 14:15 ET

I've never seen it here, I have been drinking Coke Zero since that is on our approved list...

Posted: Oct. 11 2007, 14:27 ET

Quote (BrookeB @ Oct. 11 2007,14:15)
I've never seen it here, I have been drinking Coke Zero since that is on our approved list...

Just remember, only 1 Coke Zero per day as it is not caffeine free.

Posted: Oct. 11 2007, 14:58 ET

:laugh: oh I don't even drink one a day.  I try to have as little aspertame as possible in my diet.  Why do they recommend Coke Zero and not the Caffeine Free Diet Coke?