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Posted: Oct. 1 2007, 18:49 ET

At my uncle's wedding a couple weeks ago I had a Kahlua and Cream (OK, I had two) for the first time since I started the diet (over a year now).  Man were they tasty.  I had two more with my big 6,600 calorie carb load meal the other day.  Did I mention those things were tasty?

The problem with them is they have a boatload of fat and calories (hundreds and hundreds of calories).

Well, after reading Noma's Unsweetened Almond Breeze topic and buying some, I needed to try some of the Vanilla Almond Breeze in something.  

Well, it just so happens that my wife volunteered to run to Sam's Club for me today because I found out they had the big 750ml bottles of the Da Vinci Sugar (and calorie) Free genuine Kahlua flavored syrup for less than $5 each.  This stuff tastes a lot like the hard stuff, but without the alcohol and calories.  I had found an old bottle in the cupboard from my Atkins days (that's how old it was) and polished it off yesterday.

Anyway, I mixed 4 ounces of the Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Breeze, 8 drops of liquid Splenda, and 4 ounces of the Da Vinci Sugar Free Kahlua.  Then poured it over ice and drank.

Man that was tasty.

Repeat two more times...

So, I had 3 - 8 ounce drinks (4 oz. Breeze, 4 oz. SF Kahlua each).  Total calories: 60 (40 calories per 8 oz. of the Almond Breeze and none in the Da Vinci).  Total alcohol: 0.

Man this is good stuff.

I tagged this as "Maintainers Only" because the Almond Breeze isn't on the food list and neither is the Da Vinci.  That said, the Da Vinci is calorie free and could probably get approved if someone submitted it, and you could use 4 ounces of Vanilla Dr. B shake instead of the Almond Breeze.  Soooooo, maybe you could make it Dr. B legal if you can get the Da Vinci approved.

Some pictures:

Posted: Oct. 1 2007, 21:59 ET

Dang, Brian, I'm not on maintenance yet, but after reading this...., I can't wait!  :D

Posted: Oct. 1 2007, 22:51 ET

I like that there is no alcohol as I am not one for drinking.  But I too love the taste!


Posted: Oct. 2 2007, 00:09 ET

Quote (gracie68 @ Oct. 01 2007,22:51)
I like that there is no alcohol as I am not one for drinking.  But I too love the taste!


Funny you should say that.  I was talking to Frank tonight and told him of my new brew (my Almond Breeze and sugar/calorie free Kahlua).  I was remarking happily that I'd had 3 - 8 ounce "Kahlua and Creams" and it was only 60 calories.  His reply?  What did you use for the alcohol?  Um, nothing silly!  That was half the point -- avoid the calories from fat and alcohol.  I explained that I don't really like to drink alcohol which is why any of the alcohol I do drink is in the form of super tasty stuff like dessert wines, frozen drinks, etc., where the alcohol is a secondary thing and not the main attraction.  To be able to make something nearly as tasty as the real thing, but without the booze, is a bonus.

That said, there is a bottle of real Kahlua in the fridge (from goodness knows how many years ago), and I just bought a pint of half-and-half at the grocery store today, so on my next carb load day I can make a "real" Kahlua and cream at home.  My diet version is good for daily consumption, but a real one with all the fat, carbs (and unfortunately alcohol) now and again will be nice too.

Posted: Oct. 2 2007, 17:26 ET

oh - I can hardly wait to be on maintenance now :p