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Grace II
Posted: Sep. 12 2007, 22:44 ET

8 0z Sliced Zucchini
8 oz sliced leeks ( white part only )
8 oz sliced mushroom
8 oz sliced red pepper
a few dashes Franks hot sauce (optional.)
1 heaping teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
2 Cups Low sodium Chicken Broth
8 oz shirataki noodles

Spray heavy bottomed soup pot with pam.
Over medium heat saute vegetables until Almost soft.
Add Franks hot sauce and Old Bay Seasoning
Add chicken broth and heat through.
Add noodles and stir until thoroughly heated through.
Divide in two

Makes two meals each consisting of 2 Veg., 1 allowable garnish, 1 cup of daily allowable liquid.
This is a very thick soup. You will need a fork And Spoon.

4 oz shirataki noodles

Posted: Sep. 13 2007, 12:26 ET

Sounds yummy!  I just found the noodles and I can't wait to try them in a soup like this.

Already did a stir fry with them and LOVED it!!


Grace II
Posted: Sep. 13 2007, 17:11 ET

Tera I made them last night and my husband went over the moon. I added a grilled chicken breast  (1 P ) to make it a complete meal. You will loove it.