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Posted: Aug. 11 2007, 14:04 ET

Cauliflower Soup

24 oz cauliflower (usually a medium head)
1 10oz can sodium reduced chicken stock
20 oz water
1 tbs curry powder
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1/4 tsp crushed black pepper
1/4 to 1/2 tsp of Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste (dependant on your heat enjoyment)

Simmer liquid and cauliflower in a large wide pot till fork tender. Leave pot lid on loosely.

Once cauliflower is tender, puree contents with a hand held  immersion blender.  (in a pinch mash with a potato masher, will be lumpier but still yummy)  

Swirl in all the spices and cook for another 10 minutes with the lid off.  This will reduce the liquid a bit and cook in the flavours.

Divided into three = 1 veg and 1 approved liquid



Posted: Sep. 3 2007, 15:39 ET

YAY!!  I bought a bunch of cauliflower at the store yesterday because I got it into my head that a curried cauliflower soup was just what I've been craving.  I'm so glad you posted this!  I'm making it tonight!

Posted: Sep. 3 2007, 17:00 ET

Looks delicious. I'm going to try this recipe tonight. I bought a head to try the mashed potato recipe but I'm going to see if I have enough for both.

Posted: Sep. 3 2007, 20:33 ET

Lemme know what you thought, and if you changed it up.  I'm always open to try new things!

Posted: Sep. 10 2007, 12:36 ET

Meetoo, could you let me know where you found the red curry paste on our list. I'm trying to approve the recipe and can't find this. I'm thinking it must be there under seasoning but I'm missing it. Thanks.

Posted: Sep. 10 2007, 22:24 ET

Hi Paula,

I didn't find it on the list but when I read the label I felt pretty certain it only contained allowed items.  You have a good point I should have mentioned that in my recipe.   I have made the soup without it and it is still super yummy.

Here are the ingredients on the list:
Red chili, garlic, lemon grass, galangal which is thai ginger, salt, onion, kaffir lime, corriander, pepper.

Per 15 gram serving:
Calories  25
fat  0
carb 4
fibre 1
sugar 1
protein 1

Note: jar is 112 grams divided by 15 = 7.46 servings.  I usually get more than 30 servings.  

Still your question is a good one.  Hope this helps.    :)

Posted: Sep. 11 2007, 15:07 ET

Thanks Meetoo,

If it's not on the list I can't approve it but to me it looks like everything would be allowed. If you were to get it approved at your clinic I could give it the thumbs up. Wanna try? It sounds delish by the way and I can't wait to try it!!