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Posted: Aug. 6 2007, 11:22 ET

I found this recipe on South Beach, but tweaked it a bit for us losers on Dr B. It filled the need for a cocktail at a dinner party - even if I'm losing, I can still act somewhat sophisticated....lol.

So, here's the ingredients:

3 Tblsp coarsely chopped ginger
1/2 tsp liquid sugar replacement (splenda, etc)
1/2 cup water
1 cup chopped mint
club soda
lemon slices and mint leaves for garnish

Chop up the ginger, combine with the water and sugar replacement, bring to a boil and then take off the heat, cover and steep for at least 4 hours.
Add the chopped mint, bring to a boil for 1 minute or so, then take off the heat and let come to room temp.
Strain into a container. This is now your ginger/mint syrup base.
Put some crushed ice in a martini glass, add 1 Tblsp of the ginger/mint syrup, and fill with club soda. Add the lemon slice and mint as a garnish on the rim.
Put on your fanciest dress, and prepare to dazzle....