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Posted: Oct. 7 2006, 11:39 ET

I never used to drink coffee (in fact I hated it).  Then, a couple years ago I ended up in Starbucks with a friend or co-worker or something and felt compelled to order something.  So, I picked the most doctored up, sweet sounding thing on the menu - their Caffè Mocha Espresso (venti size of course).  This was tasty stuff.  But, it's not very compatible with the Dr. B diet since it has 490 calories, 26g of fat, and 53g of carbs.  It does have 17g of protein (which is about 1 Dr. B "portion"), so it isn't all bad...

Anyway, I invented a Dr. B friendly approximation of this today.  This is especially useful for those of you that are on 3 proteins a day (meaning you have to have a protein for breakfast).  This will work for the rest of you too, you just need to keep track of your protein usage.

3.75 fl. oz. (110 ml) AdvantEDGE whey protein shake*
6 Splenda tablets**
2 Tbsp Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup
6 to 8 fl. oz. caffeine free espresso***

Heat up the whey protein shake in a big coffee cup.  Either use the steamer on your espresso machine, or just microwave it for 30 seconds.

Brew 6 to 8 fl. oz. (whatever your big coffee mug will hold along with the whey) of your caffeine free espresso-grind coffee in your espresso machine.

Add Splenda tablets to taste (I like it sweet -- I use 6 of 'em).

Add chocolate syrup.


Yield: 1/3 Protein, 1 Miscellaneous:Garnish

* I drink the pre-made AdvantEDGE Carb Control ready-to-drink shakes for breakfast (approved as a "whey protein" on the food list).  One shake (1 portion) is 11 fl. oz., so I use roughly 1/3 of the shake for the cafe mocha, and then just drink the rest (I have a full protein for breakfast).  Looking at the Canada food list, it looks like most (if not all) of your approved whey proteins are powdered mixes.  Therefore you'll need to make up whatever 1 portion is of that particular mix, and then use about 3 to 4 fl. oz. of it in the cafe mocha and figure out what portion of a protein that is.  Example: if one portion of your protein mix makes an 8 oz. shake, and you use 4 oz. of it in the cafe mocha, then that's 1/2 protein.  If you're on 3 servings a day and you're just going to drink the rest of the shake anyway, then it doesn't matter -- it's just 1 protein on your sheet.

** As announced here Splenda tablets (not powder!) are now approved on the diet.  If you don't have them, or don't prefer them, 6 Splenda tablets is equal to 6 tsp of sugar, so use whatever quantity of your sweetener is equal to 6 tsp of sugar.  Use more or less depending on how sweet you like your cafe mocha.

*** I have a handy personal size espresso machine made by Mr. Coffee.  It is apparently model ECM20.  It is great for preparing small quantities of espresso.  If you've never made espresso before, it's easy.  Just buy the machine (about $45 US), go to the grocery store to the "grind it yourself" coffees and find a decaffeinated, unflavored coffee (flavored coffees are not allowed).  When you grind it, there should be an "espresso" setting on the grinder, if not, choose something like the next to the finest setting (you don't want the ultra-fine "Turkish" grind -- it is too fine).  Then you tamp a little into the basket on the machine, and brew like normal coffee.

post-17-35564-MrCoffeeEspresso_ECM20.jpg (image/pjpeg)

Posted: Oct. 7 2006, 19:25 ET

I was in a Walgreens today and saw an exact copy of this Mr. Coffee espresso maker (but with some generic name on it) for $19.99 US.  If you want one of these it might pay to shop around and see if you can find one cheap.  I think that's less than half what I paid for mine.

Posted: Oct. 8 2006, 13:00 ET

That sounds YUMMY!!!!!!

That expresso machine looks good.  That's what I love about the States.  You americans can get things soooooooooooo cheap.

Posted: Feb. 9 2010, 14:14 ET

Hi Brian,

Good to "see" you again. :D

I was looking for something to replace my Tim Horton's Cafe Mocha fixation and am drinking this as I type............soooooooooo delicious!

Here is my take, it saves me a protein....


2 Tbsp Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup
6 to 8 fl. oz. caffeine free coffee (I have a Tassimo and Nabob Decaf T cups from Walmart are what I used)
Splenda tabs to sweeten ( I used 2)
1 serving of Coffee Mate powder

I almost feel guilty drinking something so yummy and sweet.


Posted: Feb. 9 2010, 14:53 ET

Or you can try what I have almost every morning.  I buy the hot chocolate protein pouches at dr. b and mix with splenda and decaf coffee.   It's the best thing I "eat" all day :) .