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Posted: Jul. 14 2007, 15:35 ET

Because I was inspired by an early post of stuffed mushrooms, I made some w/ a twist for lunch today. It was so good that I had to share:

4 large white mushrooms (6oz approximately)
1 Tbsp finely chopped onion
12 mini bretons
1 tbsp fat free cream cheese
3.5 oz shrimp (cocktail style)
salt & pepper to taste
1/2 juice from a lemon

Spray a small pan w/ pam. Preheat often 400.

Wash mushrooms
Remove stem from caps. Dice up stems (put caps aside).
Sautee onion & mushrooms stems (in a little chicken broth)
Season above with salt & pepper to taste.

In a bowl - crush mini bretons - add cream cheese.

When onion/mushroom mixture is sauteed nicely add it to the bowl with the crushed bretons and cream cheese -- mix well.

Squeeze lemon juice over mushroom caps then fill caps with above mixture (fill them right up - they will not melt over)

Put filled caps in your baking pan. Add shrimp on top (this is a lot of shrimp, so they will not all fit in the caps).

Bake approximately 15-20 minutes or until caps are tender.

Yeilds: 1 garnish, 1 bread, 1 protein, 6oz vegetable

A variation could be reducing the shrimp and adding a slice of fat free mozza cheese to bake on top (but don't put the cheese on until the end)!

Posted: Jul. 16 2007, 13:03 ET

Oh Ann, I am so stopping at the grocery store tonight on my way home, these sound amazing.  :chef:

Posted: Jul. 16 2007, 14:09 ET

It is so good that I had it for breakfast yesterday!

Posted: Jul. 16 2007, 15:24 ET

OOOHHH I am SO making that too!!! When you say cocktail - do you mean like on a shrimp ring? Or do you mean those tiny ones you see on pizza?  (I can see the BC get together when it happens will need to include a potluck component!)

Posted: Jul. 16 2007, 18:03 ET

The little ones you'd get on pizza (there cooked already)

Posted: Jul. 17 2007, 00:49 ET

So I modified this just a little bit - and added another garnish (cause I only eat 2 a day) and since I don't really use them for anything else - thought I'd make these super decadent...

I added 1 Tbsp of the Hormel Bacon bits... so amazing -  and I took out the shrimp and just used them as a veggie and 2 garnishes... just like the ones I made before the diet... YUM!:D

Posted: Nov. 6 2007, 18:42 ET

Are we allowed bacon bits????  WHAT!!!!!!???????  ???  :O   I didnt see this on the list!!!!!!!

Posted: Nov. 6 2007, 21:04 ET

hey byebyebooty, we can have the hormel bacon bits they are on the American food list. They are very good :D

Posted: Nov. 7 2007, 11:12 ET

Thanks!!  I went to Superstore today to stock on up Allegro cheese and of course they were out of the bacon bits!  Guess I'll have to make yet another grocery run!!  lol :p

Posted: Jan. 11 2015, 16:10 ET

Making these for dinner tonight minus the shrimp as I'm having it with chicken.  May try with shrimp for lunch tomorrow.