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Posted: Jun. 23 2007, 18:12 ET

Well, some weeks ago, I bought another kitchen appliance - a professional grade juicer.  
It sat a while on my counter top because of all of the fussy parts and I began to regret buying it until I opened up the recipe book and read about all of the wonderful combinations.

All I can say is WOW!  If you need a change from munching on an apple, then juice it.  The taste was really out of this world!  I am going to juice my veggies tomorrow night and can't wait.  Of course, you can eat the pulp after - might be nice to throw in with some shiritake noddles into a pan to heat, but really - if it's all about the flavour, then give juicing a try!  I could see that throwing in the pulp into your jello-light might be very tasty.