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Posted: Jun. 14 2007, 15:32 ET

Does anyone know how many diet pops/ sodas we can have in one day? I still drink my litre+ of water- is it possible to overdo the diet drinks?

Posted: Jun. 14 2007, 16:50 ET

Yes it is possible... the sodium in the diet stuff causes the problem. I am not sure about others... but for me a couple of cans is my limit. We are all different. I have been told since day 1... 80% of my fluids should be water. I try to do this.

Posted: Jun. 14 2007, 17:11 ET

The rules say 50% of your liquids should be plain water, so, if it doesn't cause you trouble, and if it makes you happy, then the other 50% can be caffeine free diet soda.  If (as Carol points out) the sodium in some sodas causes you trouble, look around as some are sodium free too.

Hope this helps.

Posted: Jun. 18 2007, 12:18 ET

It does, thank you!!

Posted: Jun. 18 2007, 12:33 ET

i try to only have one can a day, as I do think water is naturally the better liquid to drink.  diet pop is pure chemicals and I cannot pronounce half the words in the ingredients list thus I try to avoid it.

take care

Posted: Jun. 18 2007, 15:56 ET

I very rarely drink anything else besides water & herbal tea. I may have crystal light/pop as a treat - maybe 2-3 times a week.