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Posted: Apr. 22 2007, 21:16 ET

The one thing i miss the most is chili! I was wondering if anyone has a really good recipe for this using the veggies ground round or tofu or even ground beef? I found the vegitarion versoin, but i think i would like a little more substance. I have tried so many of everyones recipes, and i must say it sure makes this diet alot easier with the variety.

Posted: Apr. 22 2007, 21:20 ET

The veal chili recipe in the Dr. B recipe book is very good.  I wouldn't say it is really very much like what I call chili, but it was very good.

Posted: Apr. 22 2007, 21:21 ET

Hi Nancy,

How about just omitting some of the protein already in the recipe and just substituting the appropriate amount of the veggie ground round in it's place. Lentils and beans have been restricted since that recipe (if it's the one in the recipe book given to you at consult time) was written, so it may be better for you in the long run anyway. Good luck!!

Super Mom
Posted: May 4 2007, 07:59 ET

Hi Everyone,

I live for the Chilli. I make the Chilli every Friday night for me and my family. I make the one in Dr. B's cook book and my kids don't even notice the difference. I do make toast for them but stick to mine on top of a salad so it is like a Taco Salad. I love it and will make it tonight!

Super Mom :laugh:

Posted: May 4 2007, 08:49 ET

Mmmmm ... want company for dinner SuperMom ???    :D    I will have to try it as I definately miss my Taco Salads.