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Posted: Apr. 17 2007, 19:10 ET

I have been eating soups at night lately because I'm cold and tired.  I did a nice soup tonight with most of my days veggies in it.  
5 oz broccoli
1 clove garlic
1 pearl onion
2 oz red pepper
2 oz mushroom
2 oz celery
1 cup Campbells' Chicken stock, reduced salt
celery salt
dash of curry powder
1 hot pepper
fresh parsley

I simmered the veggies in the broth until soft and then threw it in the blender.  Topped with just a bit of fat free sour cream if you haven't blown your allowed garnishes.  This was tasty, flavourful, and comforting.  It's full of fiber and colour!  Enjoy!

Posted: Apr. 17 2007, 19:32 ET

Thanks Lisa, I absolutely love soup and have had made a few batches myself.  I too top it off with ff sour cream.  So delish.  I am going to try your recipe next week as I leave for Florida on Thursday. :)

Posted: Apr. 17 2007, 22:30 ET

Thanks Lisa, I know what I am having for lunch tomorrow and looking forward to it too.