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Posted: Aug. 20 2006, 21:47 ET

This meal makes maximum time-saving use of your George Foreman grill.  You do have a George Foreman grill, right?

3.5 oz. Lean Veal (I buy the "stew veal" from Sweetbay Market which is very lean and in decent size chunks)
9 oz. Microwavable Frozen Spinach (or whatever size your grocer has)
3 oz. Coarsely Chopped Onions (I buy the pre-chopped ones to save time)
McCormick "Montreal Seasoning" or an acceptable seasoning off the food list.

Put the veal on your GF grill and apply your seasoning.  Then sprinkle the onion chunks around the meat on the grill.

Start your spinach cooking in the microwave as it takes about as long as the meat to cook.

Grill the meat for a couple minutes, then flip it, season the other side, and grill for a couple minutes more.  It cooks fast!

When the spinach is done, drain it and put it on the plate.  Use the special spatula that came with your GF grill to slide the onions and meat onto your plate.  I mix the onions with the spinach.  Enjoy!

Yield: 1 Protein, 1 1/2 Vegetable*

* If you want to make it exactly 1 vegetable, only eat 5 ounces of the spinach and save the rest for another meal.