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Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 21:22 ET

I was dying for VEAL PARMESAN and here's what i made. It was pretty good and the best part i had 4 servings at once.

(300g) - 4 veal cutlets ( i bought a package and amazingly each cutlet was 75g)
3 slices of - Kraft  Fat Free Cheese (i had Swiss)
1 tsp vegeta
100 g tomato cut into cubes
100 g mushrooms sliced
2tbsp of tomato paste
dash of oregano  and dry parsley
1 clove of garlic


Sprinkle veal with Vegetal and leave  for a few min ~ carefully since vegetal is very salty... As on option you can crush melba toast  and use it wits some egg while as a coating but then you have to count bread and redo the calculations.

Spray a skillet with PAM and fry cutlets  for about 4 minutes on each side, or until browned. My cutlets were very thin but  they have to be almost done. Remove veal from the pan and  put tomato paste and some water in the same skillet, mix it well. Then add tomatos, mushrooms, herbs and  simmer for about 15 min. You can cover it first and then cook uncovered to control how thick you want your sauce be. Just a min before it's ready add a minced garlic.

Spray a backing dish with Pam,  put a little bit of sauce at the bottom, then place veal  and pour remaining sauce over veal. Bake at 300 degrees in oven for 10 min  remove from the oven and cover each cutlet with 3/4 slice of cheese and put in the oven for about another 10 min, untill cheese melts.
Remove from oven and enjoy.

4 servings -- each Yields; 1 Protein , 1/2 vegetables, about 1 seasoning(1/2  for tomato paste, 1/2 for vegeta + herbs + garlic)

***I servered it with Mashed Fauxtatoes (no cream cheese) that i baked at the same time and made 4 servings of Vegetables as well.


Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 22:42 ET

This sounds awesome. I'm going to have to get some veal to do this. I guess also you can do this with chicken.

Posted: Mar. 27 2007, 09:29 ET

Good job Niki - that does sound awesome!

Posted: Mar. 27 2007, 10:30 ET

Very creative- sounds yummy, I will be giving this a try for sure! Thanks