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Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 11:29 ET

I know that when I was on the strict diet, one of the things that I worried about was that if we got a bunch of maintainers on here talking about all the new things they were trying and maintenance tricks and tips, that it might be an unwelcome distraction to me since I couldn't have those things at the time.  In the early days of the strict diet we really didn't have any maintenance discussions going on here, so it never came up, and by the time there were any, there was still very little, and I was to the point where I wasn't bothered by things I couldn't have.

So, that's the introduction so you know what the heck I'm talking about.  

Now that we're building up a small contingent of maintainers, I'm guessing that the maintenance chatter is going to increase, and as we get into later "weeks" (with broader food choices), we're bound to start talking about things that might be an unwelcome distraction to others in the early stages of the strict diet or anybody bothered by discussions about foods that are presently "off list" for them.  

If anybody feels they are in that boat, please send me a PM and ask me to block you from being able to see the Maintainers group.  That way those posts won't show up when you click "New Posts", etc. and won't distract you.

I know some people really like to see the maintenance stuff because it gives them an idea what awaits at the end of the tunnel so to speak, which is why I would leave full access as the default for everyone, and only remove people at their request.

As always, I'm interested in any thoughts, feedback, etc.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 11:59 ET

I love seeing the maintenance posts.  I know those are the people that have made it through to their goal!!  It's also nice to know what you have to look forward to since the clinics don't give you any information about maintenance until you're close to it.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 12:36 ET

Ditto to that ajsutter.  I like reading about what I have to look forward to.  I have never made it to maintenance before so I am excited to find out what it is like, struggles and all.  Knowledge is power and I can use all the help there is.  Nice of you to think of how others might feel though Brian.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 12:39 ET

I agree ... I really enjoy reading the maintenace posts ... I find they are part of what keeps me on track, as you say BrianB "the light at the end of the tunnel"!!  It is so wonderful to see you guys, one by one, move from a 'dieter' to a 'maintainer' ... very inspiring.  Can't wait to get there myself!!! :thumbs:

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 12:39 ET

Realized this should really be on Bulletin Board so others can find it over time.  Moved.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 12:57 ET

I like it since I'm still trying to figure out mentally how I'm going to handle the transition off the diet.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 13:26 ET

I love reading maintenance posts too. I like to visualize a maintainance day from time to time as mental preparation.

But since you brought it up, there have been a few times when dieters, not maintainers,were waxing poetic in delicious detail about foods they miss. I truly regretted having seen those posts. Maybe if folks are going to do that in a post -- and more power to ya if you can -- then they might warn us ahead of time. Maybe they need a thread for all those non-B food fantasies that delicate types can just avoid. Or maybe I could just toughen up a bit!  :;):

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 17:19 ET

Add me to the list of members who do not mind the maintenance posts, I like seeing how the program works for those in that phase of it.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 20:34 ET

I enjoy reading the maintenance posts....Both educational and inspirational.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 23:43 ET

I enjoy them as well. Nice to know what is ahead. And woohoo for those of you who made it there before me. I can learn from you. I'm glad your able to add foods back in. It's reward I look forward to but don't agonize over.

Posted: Mar. 27 2007, 09:37 ET

They bother me !!!!!   They keep reminding me of the stuff I am supposed to be adding back in but am too chicken sh___! to do so !!!!    LOL

Just kidding ya Brian !!!!

Posted: Mar. 27 2007, 16:00 ET

I like them too. It's nice to see others being successful.