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Posted: Mar. 25 2007, 22:31 ET

I have to make some cabbage rolls for a potluck dinner next weekend.  I thought that I would make a small batch of a Dr B approved recipe for myself.

This is my idea
Yves ground round
shirataki noodles cut up to replace the rice
approved beef bouillon cube
dehydrated onion
all sauteed in beer ( is that legal, that is the secret ingredient)
Wrapped in cabbage
covered in hunts tomato sauce sweetened with liquid sweetener

What do you think?  and ideas?

Posted: Mar. 25 2007, 22:47 ET

All but the beer sounds good. I know beer isn't on the allowed food list.

Posted: Mar. 25 2007, 22:57 ET

I was hoping that the bad stuff from the beer would cook off, but you are probably right.  Thanks Carol

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 12:03 ET

The alcohol from the beer would cook off, but the carbohydrate wouldn't.  A low carb no-alcohol beer (if there is such a thing) would minimize the problems, but even that would be "off diet".

Also watch the tomato sauce.  It isn't treated as a vegetable -- it is limited (see the food list).  I made that mistake once long ago.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 12:36 ET

Oh yeah, I really like the idea of cutting up the shirataki noodles as rice and think it will work very well in that role.  I had been meaning to try that myself at one point.  The consistency will be a little different, but in the way you're proposing I think it would be perfect.

Posted: Mar. 26 2007, 15:05 ET

Thanks for the help Brian.

Posted: Mar. 30 2007, 21:56 ET

I know when low carb items started to really take flight a few years ago there were a couple low carb beers made by the big Canadian beer companies.  No idea if they still produce them or not, but as Brian said it would still be "off-diet".  

I think the idea is quite intriguing nonetheless.  I would be willing to try it out, minus the beer additive :).