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Posted: Mar. 21 2007, 11:26 ET

Committed posted this in another topic but I got a phone call today from the clinic with a "heads up" on it as well, so I thought I'd post it here in the Bulletin Board so it would be easy to find.

Less than a week since the previous food list update, the Canada food list has been updated again today.  The sole change is to notate the Allegro cheese as a "processed protein", now limited to 2 servings a week.  All of the clinics got an email today notifying them of the change and telling them to tell their patients.  If you're eating more than 2 servings a week of the Allegro cheese presently, I would expect the nurse will mention the new rule to you on your next visit.

Just a heads up so if you're not already eating this more than twice a week you know not to.

Posted: Mar. 21 2007, 11:43 ET

Hey Brian .... you know how on maintenance we can have 2 oz. of hard cheese per day ???  I've been using the Allegro for this when I do have the 2 oz. of hard cheese figuring it's better for me than the others I could chose.  Does that mean that we could still have Allegro more than twice a week?

Posted: Mar. 21 2007, 11:44 ET

On maintenance you are not bound by the processed proteins rule, and the Allegro is a "reduced fat hard cheese", so you can definitely have it for your 2 ounces a day (confirmed during my phone call this morning).

Posted: Mar. 22 2007, 20:16 ET

Wow, I just happened to notice this post; thank you for sharing this with us.

Posted: Mar. 23 2007, 10:43 ET

Hmmmm...maybe this is why my loss has slowed again- I have been lovin' my daily pita pizza's :(