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Posted: Mar. 19 2007, 18:25 ET

This has become a new staple for me, so I thought I'd make an official recipe out of it.


The juice of 3 limes (or 4 fl. oz. if using bottled)
Liquid artificial sweetener equal to 1 1/4 cups sugar (40 drops liquid Splenda - do the math for others)
2 quarts/liters of water

Mix all ingredients in a jug and enjoy.  Adjust sweetener up or down depending upon your taste.

Hint: If your liquid sweetener says something like "10 drops = 1 tsp. of sugar", there are 60 teaspoons in 1 1/4 cups of sugar.  So for a sweetener that is "10 drops = 1 tsp. of sugar" you'd need 600 drops.  Fortunately your sweetener should also say something like "4 tsp. = 1 cup of sugar sweetness" in which case you'd know you could just use 5 tsp. of the sweetener (which is easier than counting 600 drops).

Now technically fruit juices aren't generally allowed on Dr. B.  However, limes and lemons are special because "lemons and limes are allowed in any amounts" (p.17 Dr. Bernstein's Diet Manual).  Presumably if lemons and limes are allowed in any amounts, juicing them and eating just the juice must be fine too.

Do note that lime juice does have carbs and calories.  I know we don't count carbs and calories on Dr. B, but if your weight loss is iffy you might want to pass this up for now (or trade for 1/2 a fruit or something).

If you buy the bottled lime juice it will say it has zero of everything, but that's for 1 teaspoon.  For those of you who just have to have the numbers, here is the nutrition data for 4 ounces of lime juice:

Lime juice, raw - juice of 3 limes - 4.02 oz.
Calories: 30.75
Protein: 0.515g
Fat: 0.085g
Carbohydrate: 10.355g
  Dietary Fiber: 0.49g
  Total Sugar: 2.08g
  Other Carbs: 7.79g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 2.46mg
Caffeine: 0mg

Lime juice, canned or bottled, unsweetened - 4.0 oz.
Calories: 25.83
Protein: 0.31g
Fat: 0.285g
Carbohydrate: 8.23g
  Dietary Fiber: 0.49g
  Total Sugar: 1.685g
  Other Carbs: 6.05g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 19.68mg
Caffeine: 0mg


Posted: Mar. 19 2007, 23:10 ET

This sounds great, Brian!  What a great drink to have ready in the fridge.  Thanks for sharing.

Posted: Mar. 21 2007, 19:13 ET

Ok. WOW. This is REALLY good!! Thanks Brian!!!   :thumbs:

Posted: Mar. 21 2007, 19:19 ET

Glad you enjoyed it.  If you can find unsweetened Key Lime juice, give that a shot sometime.  I found it in a 16 ounce bottle (enough to make 4 batches of my recipe) for about 1/2 the price as the RealLime juice and it is really tasty.

Posted: Mar. 21 2007, 19:28 ET

Done and done. I'd like to try it to see the difference. Sounds lovely :).