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Posted: Sep. 19 2006, 15:35 ET

I buy my tuna in the handy 3 ounce cans (which come in 3-packs) which lets me avoid the hassle of storing the remainder of an open can of tuna.  But, it's 1/2 ounce less than the 3.5 ounces I'm allowed, so I wanted to finish up my protein serving.  Soooo....

3 oz. tuna
1 white of a hard boiled egg
1 Tbsp. permitted fat free mayonnaise

Yield: 1 Protein, 1 Garnish*

*1 Tbsp max per day of fat free mayonnaise

Really this recipe is a no brainer -- it's just to save you some math and give you a way to help simplify your meal (by using the 3 oz. cans).

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Posted: Sep. 19 2006, 17:43 ET

Just a side note to Brian's post above. Some of the Tuna's listed in the Food List are less than 3.5oz or 100g per serving. For instance - Smart Choice Flaked Light Tuna in Water  is (60 g = 1 serving). Double check your brand before possibly doubling up on a protien.

Posted: Sep. 19 2006, 19:03 ET

Good point Roland.  I specifically avoid the listed brands of tuna because I'm told that any plain tuna that's not listed is 3.5 oz.   :)

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 10:44 ET

Just a note for those of you that might use the above recipe -- you need to understand how the calculations work in case your nurse questions it when they look at your diet sheet.  My nurse was checking out my diet sheet this morning and said "OK, why 1 egg white?".  So I demonstrated on the calculator:

3.5 ounces of tuna is 1 protein (unless it is one with a smaller portion on the food list), and I had 3 ounces, so:

3 / 3.5 = .857 of a protein

6 egg whites is 1 protein.  I had 1 egg white so:

1 / 6 = .167 of a protein

So, that's 1.02 proteins.

Yeah, it's 2 hundredths of a protein over -- so sue me.  Better that than be .143 short (which is what you'd be without adding the egg white) since our proteins are mandatory.

She was happy.  She needed the explanation because she knew the lead nurse would ask when she reviewed the sheets.

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 12:11 ET

Thanks for the calculation Brian .. I'm going to make the Tuna Salad with Egg so I printed off the calculations and have it ready if they ask.

Posted: Jan. 6 2007, 21:17 ET

Another note after all this time.  I realized at some point long ago, and didn't think to come back and update this, that a 3 oz. can of tuna yields less than 3 ounces of tuna after you drain it.  In practice, on "normal sized" can is about 3.5 ounces or so once drained.  I guess the point of this is to always weigh your food, never get lazy and assume things.

The recipe is still a good one if you like egg in your tuna salad (I do).  Mount Olive is also now making a sweet pickle relish that is sweetened with Splenda (and has the same carbs and less sodium than dill pickles -- which are specificially allowed), so if you like relish in your tuna salad, that may also be an option.