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Posted: Feb. 22 2007, 21:20 ET

How does the rest of the family handle eating junk food (pizza,  ice cream, chips etc.) in front of somebody on the Dr. B diet?
Do you try to hide it by going into another room ...or do you eat it in front of the dieter?   I try to do it discreetly,  so as not to tempt my spouse.    :bounce:

Posted: Feb. 22 2007, 21:28 ET

I think the best person to ask that question would be Carol.  

Basically, it all depends on what stage of dieting the individual is at and how they feel about it.  Temptations are everywhere and this diet is a change of lifestyle - if one is going to really change their lifestyle, they need to be able to live life and say no to the tempatation.  I, personally don't want the people around me to change their lifestyle because I have.

Some are at the stage they can do that, other are not and it really bugs them ... only Carol can answer that question.

Posted: Feb. 22 2007, 21:47 ET

Quote (LarryTheMotelGuy @ Feb. 22 2007,21:20)
How does the rest of the family handle eating junk food (pizza,  ice cream, chips etc.) in front of somebody on the Dr. B diet?
Do you try to hide it by going into another room ...or do you eat it in front of the dieter?   I try to do it discreetly,  so as not to tempt my spouse.    :bounce:

My fiance tries not too but in the end I encourage her to eat whatever she likes....I usually make it for her!

I figure I need to be strong and I should be able to deal with it.

Posted: Feb. 22 2007, 23:01 ET

I actually get satisfaction from seeing loved ones eat.  I tell my husband to eat tempting foods for me, to let me savor them through him.  And I'm on a cooking and baking frenzy.  My family is like "by the time you get skinny, we'll all be fat!"  Hey, works for me!  :p

Posted: Feb. 22 2007, 23:20 ET

I have always believed that I am the one on the diet. Others can eat and enjoy what ever it is they want. I still purchase any and all junk food loved by the family. I still cook the meals, get the snacks out etc. I dont' want others to feel BAD about being a normal weight and eating what they enjoy.  HONEY... this means YOU haha!   :usa:

Posted: Feb. 23 2007, 10:23 ET

 I am a lot like you when it comes to my family.  I enjoy making their meals and seeing them happy and satisfied.   Cooking keeps me busy which really helps.  It is weird not tasting the foods to make sure it is acceptable but one of my kids is usually available for that.


Posted: Feb. 23 2007, 12:43 ET

My fiance eats what he wants for the most part - although I don't buy junk food anymore so he's lost a little weight by default just because we don't have anything really unhealthy in the house anymore. But I think that's a positive thing anyways. When he really does want something snacky he'll go and get it himself. I don't mind him eating stuff I can't have at all. Like Nick, it helps me recognize my ability to control myself, which is a huge part of this as a lifestyle change. Sometimes I'll ask him if I can smell something he's eating and for me that totally alleviates the craving. I'm sure it varies from person to person.

Posted: Feb. 23 2007, 13:04 ET

I am exactly the same way as summer when it comes to this discussion.  I find myself constantly baking cakes, cookies and brownies, making them pizza or burgers etc.  I also get the same response that summer gets from them as well.  I don't know what it is, but when I diet I feed others.  This time is the same in that respect but I doubt I will ever go back to eating that way again myself.  For sure I will have a treat from time to time but not like I used to.  
But for each person this would be diffrent.  Sometimes it still bugs me when they are snacking all night long but for the most part they eat when and where they want to.

Posted: Feb. 23 2007, 13:42 ET

The only thing my family did different was not pop popcorn until I gave them the okay.  I just knew I wouldn't be able to control myself with the aroma of popcorn wafting through the house during the first couple of weeks!!!

Posted: Feb. 23 2007, 13:47 ET

I'm with you on the popcorn. I have a different take on this. My fiance eats junk food in front of me all the time. I hate it. It's not good for him either. He has gained a lot of weight lately too. So I just threw out the rest of the bags of microwave popcorn. If I can't enjoy it, either will Andrew!

Posted: Feb. 26 2007, 08:25 ET

lol good question there... mmm i have 4 brothers and all are younger than me... pizza, chicken wings, burgers and all kinds of junk food consumption is a ritual at my house specially on the weekend... i do not mind at all... actually i just the younger two brothers out for a movie last night and took them to boston pizza after... they had food & dessert... i sat there talkin to them & watched them enjoy their food... i didnt even get tempted... :D

Posted: Feb. 26 2007, 09:57 ET

Thanks everyone for replying....It seems to be about a 70-30 split to the positive side of eating "forbidden" food in front of the dieter.  I had to tell Carol last night not to buy anymore cakes or jelly rolls for awhile too!  LOL   As she is going down....I am going up....Not what I intended when she went on this program...LOL  

Posted: Nov. 7 2007, 03:07 ET

I cook everything and I prepare the most delecious meals and sandwiches with no problem. I warned everybody I am still not ready to face cheese pasta and they respected that. It's my weekness so far.

Posted: Nov. 11 2007, 14:53 ET

I have no problem with people eating pretty much anything in front of me...as long as they don't have a problem with my not.  That has been my biggest challenge having to say no to people that know I am trying to lose weight over and over again.  I just tell them I have already eaten now :p

Posted: Nov. 11 2007, 22:13 ET

There is a "list" of what hubby cant bring in the house, because well....  I have no control over myself when tempted.

Brie Cheese,
Toblerone Chocolate

Anything else is fair game...

so i would say find out what your spouse finds difficult to resist, and dont bring it in the house!

Posted: Aug. 14 2008, 18:26 ET

I actually had to get my husband to lock the chips/cheesies up.  He's got the keys in his pocket.  


Posted: Aug. 15 2008, 09:44 ET

I had forgotten about this topic...My family eats what they like...I've even made them items that are strictly forbidden...and I am always proud of myself for not being tempted...that being said I have asked them not to have tacos (I'm not sure if I could withhold) but with that being said...I think it's high time for them to have their tacos - it's now on the dinner menu for Sunday and I'll even make them :)

Posted: Aug. 15 2008, 10:10 ET

Great perspective Donna, and a good example of using strict to learn skills that will help you forever.  There will come a time when you can eat whatever you want, and "paying your dues" on strict will earn you that freedom later.  

That said, you can certainly have a taco on strict -- I did it all the time.  Grind up some permitted lean beef (I bought one of those relatively inexpensive hand crank grinders), add taco seasoning (make your own using only legal spices), and put it in a permitted pita or wrap with some shredded lettuce on top, maybe a Tbsp of permitted salsa, etc.  Yummy!