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Posted: Sep. 16 2006, 19:31 ET

I made this tonight and it was great. The meat in the meat sauce could really be anything you want. I think 3.5 ounces of cubed grilled chicken breast meat would be great (and convenient).

4 oz. Shirataki Noodles
8 oz. crushed or whole tomatoes, pureed
1 Tbsp tomato paste
1 oz. diced red bell pepper
1 oz. diced onion
2 oz. mushrooms, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp salt
3.5 oz ground veal, beef, chicken or turkey (must grind your own -- use cubed chicken breast if you don't have a grinder)

(I tried to keep the sodium reasonable here. Add more salt if you need it - but start low.)

1. Puree tomatoes in a blender.
2. Spray skillet with PAM.
3. Add onion, garlic, red pepper and ground veal
4. Cook over medium heat until veal is browned and onions are clear.
5. Add tomato, oregano, and salt.
6. Rinse 4 oz. of Shirataki noodles and then place in a small container with enough water to cover. Microwave on HIGH for 90 seconds. [Edit: for drier noodles, rinse noodles and heat in a PAM coated skilled until warm.]
7. Heat meat sauce mixture until desired thickness is achieved and mushrooms are cooked. You can add the mushrooms in step 2 if you like them less firm.
8. Strain Shirataki noodles in a colander and then plate.
9. Pour meat sauce over noodles.

Optionally top with 1 tsp. of a permitted grated Parmesan cheese (adds 1 portion of "Garnish").

Yield: 1 Protein, 1 1/2 Vegetable, 1 Miscellaneous:Garnish, 1 Miscellaneous:Seasoning

Note 1: If you use ground beef, remember to count it against your "red meat" limit for the week.

Note 2: The Shirataki noodles are not pasta -- they are either tofu or yam starch and are considered a "Garnish" portion. See the Canada food list for details. The are not on the U.S. food list, but I presume what is good for one is good for all if you can find them. I found them at a local oriental market. I had to call about 12 markets and only found 2 that had them, but they are cheap and seem like a luxury. They come bagged in water and will look a little odd, but they are really good. To me they had the exact same consistency and texture as spaghetti.

Posted: Sep. 16 2006, 19:58 ET

Thanks for the receipe Brian.

As soon as I find these noodles I'm going to try this.  I'm getting bored of eating the same things all the time.  :chef:

Posted: Sep. 17 2006, 00:15 ET

I'm still looking for these locally here in Edmonton but no luck so far .. but if you're in Toronto you can find them at the Low Carb Grocery .. you can order them online from their site also.

Low Carb Grocery
3147 Yonge Street, Toronto,


Posted: Sep. 17 2006, 00:23 ET

Thanks for the link Roland.

They had a good suggestion there that we can adapt to Dr. B. For drier noodles (they come packed in water), rinse the noodles in a colander, then spray a pan with a little PAM and toss the noodles in the pan to warm up.

Posted: Sep. 17 2006, 07:59 ET

Thanks for the address Roland.  I'm in Toronto often so will pick some up.

Posted: Sep. 17 2006, 09:32 ET

Another note so it won't catch you guys off guard -- mine smelled a little "fishy" when I opened the package.  I've read a couple reviews where people said the same thing.  I don't know if that's just a combination of the starches and the dilute lime juice it's packed in or what, but after rinsing and heating, it's gone and there was no off taste or anything.  I just didn't want you guys to buy them and then think "oh great, these must be bad".

I'm making this recipe again tonight.

Posted: Sep. 17 2006, 09:54 ET

Thanks for the heads up Brian.  I probably would have thought that they were bad and thrown them out.  Did you happen to notice on the link that Roland sent that these noodles were made out of seaweed or tofu.  Maybe the seaweed ones smell fishy.  Just a thought.

Posted: Sep. 17 2006, 10:03 ET

The ones I bought are the "yam" ones. The ingredient list is very short:

Purified water, yam flour and hydrated lime.

My guess is that whatever process is used to extract and refine the "yam flour" introduces the odor.  But that's only a guess.

Nutrition Facts
Serving size 3 oz. (85g)
Servings Per Container: about 5
Calories 0
Total Fat 0.0g
Sat. Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 0mg
Total Carb. Less than 1 g
Protein 0g

Honestly I don't know why these are restricted to the amount that they are (see the newest food list) because they are practically a non-food (by the numbers). This is just my speculation, but I think that with some of the restrictions on the food plan the restriction is not for nutritional reasons, but for eating habit reasons. My guess is that Dr. B (wisely) doesn't want you getting used to eating a monster plate of this pasta-like substance because it then makes the other normal sized meals less filling by comparison. Just a guess.

Posted: Sep. 17 2006, 10:51 ET

I think that you are right Brian.  It probably has to do with portion control and that has always been my problem.

Posted: Sep. 19 2006, 13:25 ET

Finally found the Shirataki Noodles in Edmonton. If anyone else is looking they can be found at T&T Supermarket in West Edmonton Mall. It's on the second floor right above Bourbon Street.

Posted: Sep. 19 2006, 13:30 ET

Hey Roland, you might want to also post that in the Alberta regional forum.  You're good at this food hunting!

Posted: Sep. 19 2006, 23:13 ET

K - you guys are all killing me with this talk of spaghetti.  I can't wait until the beginning of next month when the Asian Food store a block from my house will get them so I placed an order with Thelowcarbgrocery today.  I've been wanting to go there one weekend but have just never made it as it is at least a 40 minute drive from my house and that is if Toronto traffic is behaving that day.  I ordered a bunch of stuff - Walden dressings, chocolate syrup, apple butter spread, cheap ketosis sticks and of course, 4 pkgs. of noodles and  the shipping was only $10 for expedited service.  That is not worth me driving there gas wise, never mind my time.

So, I rec'd notification that my order was shipped today so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.  I can't wait to have spahgetti !!!

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 01:37 ET

I was watching some old episodes of The Sopranos tonight and everyone is eating pasta all the time and it actually gave me the urge for spaghetti myself.  I'd already had dinner though, but might make some shirataki noodles and meat sauce for breakfast (*after* weigh in of course!).

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 10:22 ET

Hey Michelle.

What is the name and address of the Asian store near you.  It's closer for me as well rather than driving to Toronto.

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 17:08 ET

Hey Irene,

it's a brand new store just called Asian Foods.  It is on Fairview between Walker's Line and Appleby so if you are coming from Hamilton, exit Walker's, go south to Fairview & turn left.  A little ways up you will see a Kentucky Fried Chicken (sorry for saying it) and it is in the plaza behind the KFC.  He said he wouldn't have any until the beginning of next month - next time I am in that plaza, I will get a business card and give you the # so you can make sure he has some before you go.

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 18:55 ET

Thanks for the info Michelle.  I really appreciate it.

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 22:09 ET

Well .... I had spaghetti tonight!  You know .... those noodles are even good with just some "I can't believe it's not butter" spray on them.

Only one problem with the spaghetti - I bought what I needed and made it from memory.  I bought 'No salt added Tomato Paste' in a 156 ml can and never looked at the food list until now.  We are only supposed to have 2 tbsp's a day - OOPS!  Along with the onions I put in (was in too much of a hurry to put anything else in) I counted it as all my veggies so I hope I didn't kick myself out of ketosis.  The only ingredients in the can was tomatoes so I'm hoping I should be okay.
Even the Hunt's tomato sauce (doesn't say no salt added) on our Canada list says max. 2 oz.  What does the US list say about Hunt's - no salt added?  I can't find it on our list so maybe it isn't available here - I will have to look for some in Detroit this weekend.

Posted: Sep. 20 2006, 22:31 ET

Hi Michelle. Regarding the tomato sauce, there isn't anything special about the Hunts low salt tomato sauce on the food list, but I was treating the tomato sauce as a "canned variety" of a permitted vegetable. I chose the "no salt added" because by the ingredients there was no sugar or anything, pretty much just tomato and water, and the calories and carbs were pretty close to the numbers for the canned whole tomatoes (just a more convenient size can). However, you're right, tomato sauce is restricted, so we should use canned whole or crushed tomatoes (pureed in a blender) and add a Tbsp. of tomato paste. Thanks for catching that.

I have edited the recipe so if anybody printed it out, you should print it again now that it is corrected and legal.

Posted: Sep. 21 2006, 11:21 ET

If you have a blender, you could always try buying canned tomatoes and puree it to make it a full vegetable serving - in BC, this brand is allowed with no limit:
Aylmer Diced Tomatoes

Posted: Sep. 21 2006, 11:59 ET

Quote (Tabi @ Sep. 21 2006,11:21)
If you have a blender, you could always try buying canned tomatoes and puree it to make it a full vegetable serving - in BC, this brand is allowed with no limit:
Aylmer Diced Tomatoes

This raises an important point.  I thought it was important enough to give it its own thread here.

Posted: Oct. 4 2006, 07:34 ET

I made Shirataki noodles spaghetti last night---It was very good and filling.  I didn't puree the tomatoes because I was in the mood for a chunkier meal and I added sauteed chicken breast for a protein.  It is something my family would eat and as soon as I make some room in the freezer I can make it in bulk (I will leave the protein out and add in as needed). Spicy sauce would be good also--


Posted: Oct. 4 2006, 19:02 ET

I had it for dinner tonight and it was very yummy !!!  I made it with Veggie ground.  I don't like most of the vegetarian products but that one is pretty good.

Brian - I finally had to buy a new pkg. so I kept the label just for you .... it's made by Yves and is called Veggie Ground Round.  There is an Italian one and a Mexican one.  The mexican one is good but I preferred the Italian one in the spaghetti.  At my grocery store it is in the refridgerated section with the tofu & stuff like that.

Posted: Oct. 4 2006, 23:55 ET

I'm pretty sure I've seen that brand in the store before.  I'll look for it the next time I go grocery shopping.


Posted: Oct. 5 2006, 20:52 ET

I had the Shirataki Spaghetti  tonight and it was great. I also made garlic toast by putting 2 slices of allowed bread sprayed with Becel topping spray and sprinkled with garlic powder under the broiler. I wasn't the best but was still good and hit the spot.