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Posted: Sep. 14 2006, 14:38 ET

Try recipe #117 (Veal Meatballs) on page 97 but substitute the lean veal (ground) for lean beef (ground) .. you can buy a decent little meat grinder at Walmart for under $20.

Combine all ingredients except the bay leaf and form into 4 patties .. then BBQ, Broil, fry in PAM or freeze for future use.

YIELD = 4 protien, 1 bread, 1 oz vegetable

Posted: Sep. 14 2006, 17:05 ET

You can use this and make it for spagetti - except using SHIRATAKI noodles (Yam noodles available at your local Japanese or Asian grocery store).

The Shirataki noodles taste exactly like vermicelli, look like vermicelli. They are white/clear or you can buy black. They are packaged in water so it looks weird when you buy it.

To cook: simply pour hot water over it to warm it up or in the microwave or fry it for stir-fry... mmmmm... :D

Posted: Sep. 14 2006, 17:47 ET

I've got to find and try some of these noodles.  When I used to do Atkins I'd buy "spaghetti squash" as it is relatively low carb and when you cook it you get a bunch of stringy threads out of it that really do look kinda like spaghetti.  Spaghetti squash is not allowed on Dr. B that I can tell, but these Shirataki noodles sound awesome.

Just have to come up with a decent spaghetti sauce recipe out of permitted ingredients (should be easy) and man oh man -- SPAGHETTI!

I just recently bought a little hand cranked meat grinder and ground up some veal.  Maybe I can find these tonight.

Posted: Sep. 14 2006, 18:50 ET

Hey Tabi, I edited your post to take out the "8 oz. = 1 misc" regarding the Shiratake noodles because on the new food list they've limited these to a different (lower) quantity.