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Mexico bound
Posted: Feb. 6 2007, 12:03 ET

This is superfabulous too!

3 1/2 oz ground buffalo, beef or veal (whichever you prefer)
8 oz celery, onions, brocolli, peppers
1 tbs salsa
1 tbs FF sour cream

1) brown the ground with the onions and celery
2) Add in your vegetables and cook through to the softness that you like
3) Mix salsa and sour cream together to make a sauce
4) pour sauce over your meat/veggie mixture
5) Simmer so that veggies and meat obtain the taste of the sauce

I like this with some fauxtatoes and Franks Red Hot on Top.


Deffinnalty cured any cravings that I was having that night.

Yeild: 1 protein, 1 vegetable, 2 garnishes