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Forum: Resources
If you have any helpful files like weight tracking spreadsheets, menu planners, etc. this is the place to upload them.  Please virus scan them before you upload.  This would also be a good place to store helpful links, etc.  DO NOT UPLOAD COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS UNLESS YOU ARE THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER!  Only registered members can see this category.
Forum: Bulletin Board
Rather than having 20 topics pinned at the top of the various forums, important things will get put here.  Only Staff may start topics here, but Members can respond.  If you're looking for important notices, bulletins, alerts, rule clarifications, news, etc., it is probably here.
Forum: Restaurants
Found a restaurant that was particularly Dr. B friendly?  If you found a restaurant that either caters specifically to Dr. B dieters, or low carb dieters, or just did a great job of following your instructions to make your meal Dr. B "legal", post here and let others know about it.

If you have a PDF of a menu for them, attach it.  If you have a link to the website for their restaurant, post it.
Forum: Product Review Recommendations
This is where recommendations for new product reviews go.  Please don't post here directly.  Please use the "recommend" link in the reviews system.