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Forum: Dieters
This forum is for experiences, stories, questions, answers, etc. for those that are still dieting and working toward their goal weight.
Forum: Maintainers
Reached your goal weight and are now doing maintenance?  This is the place for you.  Tell us your story, share tips, hints, whatever you want!
Forum: Tune-Up Dieters
Doing the "tune up" diet?  Here's your place to share.
Forum: Of Interest to All
If you've got something that could be of interest to all, post it here.
Forum: Friends and Family
Success on the diet greatly benefits from the understanding and support of friends and family who are not dieting.  This forum is a place for non-dieting friends and family to discuss challenges, tips, ideas, etc.
Forum: Prospective Patients
If you're thinking about trying the Dr. Bernstein diet, but aren't sure if it is for you, or have questions, post here and maybe someone will have the information you need.