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Regional Discussion
Subcategory: United States
Subcategory: Canada
Forum: Cyberspace
These days "cyberspace" is as much of a place as any physical locality.  This "Regional Forum" serves the same purpose as the others -- where to shop online, online places of interest to Dr. B dieters, etc.
General Discussion
Forum: Dieters
This forum is for experiences, stories, questions, answers, etc. for those that are still dieting and working toward their goal weight.
Forum: Maintainers
Reached your goal weight and are now doing maintenance?  This is the place for you.  Tell us your story, share tips, hints, whatever you want!
Forum: Tune-Up Dieters
Doing the "tune up" diet?  Here's your place to share.
Forum: Of Interest to All
If you've got something that could be of interest to all, post it here.
Forum: Friends and Family
Success on the diet greatly benefits from the understanding and support of friends and family who are not dieting.  This forum is a place for non-dieting friends and family to discuss challenges, tips, ideas, etc.
Forum: Prospective Patients
If you're thinking about trying the Dr. Bernstein diet, but aren't sure if it is for you, or have questions, post here and maybe someone will have the information you need.
Forum: Soups and Appetizers
Please do not post copyrighted recipes in any of these sections unless you are the copyright holder.  Please report any observed violations to the staff.
Forum: Eggs
Forum: Vegetables and Salads
Forum: Vegetarian Protein Recipes
Forum: Chicken and Turkey
Forum: Veal and Beef
Forum: Fish and Seafood
Forum: Sauces, Dressings, Seasonings and Dips
Forum: Beverages
Forum: Fruits and Desserts
Forum: Kosher
Forum: Recipe Helpers
This is the place for tools, charts, instructions, etc., that have to do with recipes and cooking in general, but not necessarily a specific dish or food category.
Forum: Everything Else
This category is for side dishes, garnishes, or just anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.
Forum: Pork
Forum: Resources
If you have any helpful files like weight tracking spreadsheets, menu planners, etc. this is the place to upload them.  Please virus scan them before you upload.  This would also be a good place to store helpful links, etc.  DO NOT UPLOAD COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS UNLESS YOU ARE THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER!  Only registered members can see this category.
Forum: Bulletin Board
Rather than having 20 topics pinned at the top of the various forums, important things will get put here.  Only Staff may start topics here, but Members can respond.  If you're looking for important notices, bulletins, alerts, rule clarifications, news, etc., it is probably here.
Forum: Restaurants
Found a restaurant that was particularly Dr. B friendly?  If you found a restaurant that either caters specifically to Dr. B dieters, or low carb dieters, or just did a great job of following your instructions to make your meal Dr. B "legal", post here and let others know about it.

If you have a PDF of a menu for them, attach it.  If you have a link to the website for their restaurant, post it.
Forum: Product Review Recommendations
This is where recommendations for new product reviews go.  Please don't post here directly.  Please use the "recommend" link in the reviews system.
Forum: Protein Bars
Product reviews of protein bars.
Forum: Protein Drinks - Ready To Drink
Product reviews of ready to drink protein drinks.
Forum: Protein Drinks - Powders
Product reviews of protein drink powders.
Forum: Breads and Wraps
Product reviews of breads and wraps.
Forum: Breakfast
Product reviews of breakfast items.
Forum: Cheese
Product reviews of cheeses.
Forum: Condiments - Sweet
Product reviews of sweet condiments.
Forum: Cookies
Product reviews of cookies.
Forum: Pasta (and substitutes)
Product reviews of pasta and pasta substitutes.
Forum: Puddings
Product reviews of puddings.
Forum: Snacks
Product reviews of snacks.
Forum: Soups
Product reviews of soups.
Forum: Vendors
Reviews of vendors.
Forum: Condiments - General
Product reviews of condiments other than sweet condiments.
Forum: Milk Alternatives
This is where you will find product reviews of things you can use in place of milk.  Even skim milk has tons of carbs and is too "expensive" for my carb and calorie budget.  Fortunately there are lots of great alternatives out there.
Forum: Everything Else
This is where products that just don't fit any other category go.
Forum: Meat Alternatives
Product reviews of meat alternatives.
Forum: Glucomannan Tips and Techniques
Here's where you should post any tips, tricks, instructions, or "recipes" for preparing or otherwise using glucomannan -- either the flour itself, or novel uses of the shirataki noodles that are made from it.  Please do not post "how do I" questions here.  Those questions should go in "Glucomannan discussion" and then if they elicit a really useful tip in response, I'll ask the person with the tip to make a post here.  That will keep this forum "heavy" with content to make it easy to find the helpful tips.

All glucomannan forums are "members only" because I don't want to attract the universe of glucomannan users here since we're a Dr. B forum.
Forum: Glucomannan Discussion
This is for general discussion of glucomannan -- the flour and the shirataki "noodles", etc. that are made from it.

If you have a specific tip or trick or procedure to share (basically something that's not a question), that should go in "Glucomannan Tips and Techniques".

All glucomannan forums are "members only" because I don't want to attract the universe of glucomannan users here since we're a Dr. B forum.
Forum: Glucomannan / Shirataki Recipes
This is where you should post recipes for actual dishes that use either the glucomannan powder or a shirataki product in their preparation.